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Journeyman Kick-off

Journeyman League 01: The beginning of a Warmachine army

Yesterday was the kick off of our very own Journeyman League I organise together with a gaming buddy of mine for our Warmachine/Hordes community. We did however house ruled the league by letting people create their own battle box/starterarmy and to work in multi-week phases instead of doing something different every week. And I decided to go for a Warmachine Mercs army led by Durgen Madhammer! Continue reading Journeyman League 01: The beginning of a Warmachine army

Charge of the Normans

For King and Country II Saga tournament

Last Saturday I hosted a small Saga tournament and with four players it was a small tournament, but very fun and challenging nonetheless. The diversity between the players was little with 2 Viking and 2 Norman players. Luckily we all had very different warbands with us and when all the models were placed on the table we started with the first round. Continue reading For King and Country II Saga tournament

Master record sheet

Ready for the EU-Masters 2013

So, finally packed and ready for the European Warmachine Masters in Rotterdam!

I got three balanced lists with me with epic Doomshaper being my assassinationlist with three heavy warbeasts (including Mulg) and some heavy hitting Champions. Jarl Skuld with a balanced list of Fennblades and Warbeasts to hold objectives and Longriders with Horthol to break units. Finally a bit off an odd list with epic Grissel and a War Wagon, Champions and Longriders, I’ll just see what to do with her.

so wish me luck for the weekend and perhaps we’ll meet each other across the table 🙂

The full Masters report will be posted next Monday!