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Frostgrave Warband

Joining the Frostgrave madness

Anyone who’s even a little into wargaming must have heard about the latest hype created by Osprey Wargames known as Frostgrave. The fantasy skirmish game of competing wizards and their underlings fighting for lost treasures in a half frozen ruined city. Well I wasn’t really sure about this game until I started reading the book… Damn, another game to start with :p Continue reading Joining the Frostgrave madness


Showcase: Gladiators

Ever since a little boy, I have been interested in gladiators and battles from the arena. So when I found out that there are miniature games based on gladiators, I couldn’t wait to get started. But as is often the case, I kept postponing buying gladaitor miniatures in favor of buying other miniatures. But since Crisis 2013 I am finally starting with my own ludus! Continue reading Showcase: Gladiators