My Lizardmen vs my wife's Ogre Kingdoms

Lizardmen vs my wife’s Ogre Kingdoms

So, last saturday my wife and I decided to play a game of Warhammer. And what a game it was… Ogres are brutal!

My Lizardmen are ready to attack
My Lizardmen army (wip… no kidding :p)

My army was based around a Slann (lore of Light) in a Temple Guard Horde together with a horde spear armed Saurus Warriors. With 2 Stegadons, some Skinks and a small unit of Saurus Warriors and Jungle Swarms I hoped to stand a chance.

The Orgres are ready to plunder
Lisette’s Ogre Kingdoms Pirate army (wip)

My wife, Lisette, had one horde of Ogre Bulls including a Firebelly, a Battlestandard Bearer and a lvl 4 Slaughtermaster (lore of the Great Maw). This unit was flanked by 2 units of Leadbelchers, an Ironblaster and 2 Sabretusks.

Turn 1:

I started the game by moving all my Saurus units on my right flank towards the enemies line and positioning my skinks in an intercept course with the Sabretusks. My Slann cast Banishment on one of the Leadbelchers and killed one of them.

Lisette started my running everything towards my line and shooting with all her cannons, nearly killing off one of my Stegadons.

Turn 2:

Having 2 hordes and the Arcane Ruins right in front of me has made me clumpsy with my movement, though I managed to keep my smaller unit of Saurus Warriors a bit too far out in order to lure her Ogre horde towards my line. My Skinks kill off a Sabretusk in the shootingphase and my Slann kills off some random models, unfortunately my spell casting is often dispelled or the diceroll is too low.

Lisette takes the bait and charges my Warriors who then choose to flee, giving her a failed charge and easy bait (or so I thought) for my Saurus horde. She continues to cast supportive spells and shoots some of my Temple Guard.

Turn 3:

All thats left of the Slann & Temple Guard
the Slann’s miscast has blown the Temple Guard away

My horde and the Ancient Stegadon charge her ogres while my other Stegadon charges her Ironblaster. My Slann casts Net of Amyntok on her horde… and gets an Irrisistable force. For the miscast I rolled a 9, but failed my Cupped Hands roll… bummer. My second spell, Banishment on her Leadbelchers gets another Irrisistable Force… and I rolled double 1 on the miscast table… Unfortunately for me, I reformed my Temple Guard unit from horde to a more compact unit, so the large template hits every one of them. Also I rolled a 2, so my Slann got sucked up in the Void… πŸ™

For the combat between the hordes… Ogres with +1 strenght and regeneration are tough, needless to say I lost the combat with a lot.

The Ogres slaughter the Saurus Warriors
the Ogre horde butcher the Warriors

After the combat between the Ogres and the Saurus Warriors, my unit and the Stegadon both broke… The Ogres managed to win their strenght roll to resist the Net of Amyntok and overrun the Stegadon… Victory lies before Lisette.

Turn 4:

Temple Guard defends the Arcane Ruins
the champion is blown to pieces by the Leadbelchers

My Skinks are killed off by a unit of Leadbelchers, my Temple Guard Champion tries to run away but is killed when he enters the Arcane Ruins. And my smallest Saurus Warrior unit positions itself to charge the Ogre horde.Β  I try a desperate action to stall the Ogres for one round by charging my swarms in their flank… Without much succes :p

The Ogres rampage on
the Ogres are unstoppable

Turn 5:

My Saurus Warriors are butchered, only the units champion manages to make a last stand. AfterΒ  a couple of rounds of combat, the Ironblaster finally succeeds in finishing the Stegadon.

Without an army left, I conclude that my wife is the victor.

fleeing saurus warriors
the lone Saurus Champion makes a last stand so the other Saurus Warriors can flee the battle

Next time I won’t take so many hordes and some more supporting units would also be welcome πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Lizardmen vs my wife’s Ogre Kingdoms

  1. Cupped hands falen, grote template op je bakkes en slann pleitos is wel veel pech, daar kun je weinig aan doen. Ik denk niet dat support units je echt gaan helpen. Je moet dat grote blok ogres toch opvangen met een groot blok van jezelf. Saurus hebben het het zwaar tegen Ogres en daarom heb je magic support nodig. Lore of Light is in dit geval niet zo’n beste keuze. Ik raad je de Lore of Shadow aan. Pit of shades is erg goed tegen ogres. Okkams Mindrazor, Enfeebling, Withtering en Miasma helpen allemaal om de balans in CC in jou voordeel te laten doen doorslaan.

      1. Lore of Light can work, but then you need to focus on the right spells, ie Timewarp and WS/I 10. Banishment is not really interesting for the ogres as they are fast enough to get into CC before you can whittle them down enough, and Net of Amyntok is only interesting for the potential debuff.

        I would ditch the small saurus for more skinks, they are terribly annoying πŸ˜€

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