Machinations league

This year was the first time I started playing (and hosting) a Privateer Press league, Machinations. A story driven campaign in which the players battle each other over important locations, with special league rules, scenario’s and miniatures.

Anomaly patches
Machinations patches, unfortunately not the Umbra one 🙁

What I really like about these leagues is that it motivates people a lot to get painted and play more games then they normally would. Also the competitions you get to be the forst one to get an specific Schematic or be the first one to get a particular miniature painted is just something I love to see.

So next week on Tuesday, our wargamingevening at our local gamestore, starts the third seaason ofMachinations, Entropy. I am going to playtest a couple of my lists I want to take with me to the Masters, but more importantly, I just want to play some good games 😉

Are you or your club playing the Machinations league? Leave me a comment and tell me about your experiences.

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