Scrapbuilding a Slann

I wanted something new for my second Slann Mage-Priest instead of just another one sitting in a flying throne.

So after reading the fluff in the 7th edition Lizardmen armybook, I found a small story about a couple of Slann sitting on pillars doing something nobody knows :p

So that was what I wanted to make.


After scrounging around in my bitsboxes, I found a pillar from the Arcane Ruins kit, a Slann of course (for some reason I happen to have a couple of them lying around), Lizarmen glyphs, brass leaves and a big serpent.

So after sticking everything on a base and after making some tiles with greenstuff, something I’ve done in the entire army (a time consuming project), but it looks cool.


I am very happy about this mini, though it needs some more vines on the pillar, after that it ready to be primed.

If you have a suggestion for this model, please leave me a comment 😉

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