Warmachine European Masters

Well, last week I registered myself for the EU masters on 7 – 8 September 2013 in Rotterdam. And already I am excited to start working on my Trollblood army, making the lists (3 different 50 points lists are needed) and painting the miniatures I am going to need.  So expect loads of updates regarding my preparations 🙂

The first list I am working towards resolves around epic Madrak, World Ender. A nice beatstick warlock with some nice spells. He only has 5 Furypoints, so a Runebearer will come in very handy.

One of my favourite combo’s with eMadrak is to cast Rage (+3 strenght) and Blood Fury (extra die on damagerolls) on an Troll Axer. And suddenly you made an killer beatstick good for taking out weaker heavy’s and lights… Nice!The rest of the list will consist of Fennblades, Longriders and some support solo’s.

If you have any suggestions for my eMadraklist or know some good tricks with the World Ender, please leave me a comment.

For more information about the EU Masters, simply click this LINK 😉

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