Planning ahead second half 2013

Currently I am hard at work making sure Trollbloods actually stand a chance during the EU-Masters. But in two weeks I’ll be done, so what am I going to do next?

Well… I have way to many cool ideas and projects I want to start. And knowing me, I want to start ’em all at once.  Here they are divided per gamesystem.

Hordes & Warmachine

Well, after the Masters there are still a couple of minis I want to add to the Trollbloods, like the Sorcerer and the Fennblade Kithkar.

Very curious about this Trollkin merc…

For my Blindwater, I want to get both Rask and Maelok and optimise the entire army, more heavy’s and more smaller based models.

And I will be taking my first steps in the world of Warjacks and Focus. I already have a lot of boxes and blisters to start my army, but more of that later 😉


If all the rumours are right, then the next Lizardmen armybook will be released next month, so I will be restlessly awaiting that, but if what I hear is true, it is perhaps possible to go for an all big beasties army… and that’ll make me very happy 😀

If I don’t like the new book, then I have an awesome back-up plan ready.

Mantic Games will be releasing their new Basilean models and those will be excellent for an Empire army.

basilean soldiers
Men-at Arms perfect for State Troops 😉


After coming to the conclusion that my Morat Aggression Force is just plain useless, I am looking for a new army. Currently I am considering both Pan-O and Nomads. Pan-O is easier to learn and play with, but the Nomads have some of the nicest models in my opinion… choices.


There is one project I want to do in a very long time… and thats to build an army of Pyrrhus of Epirus. An Macedon Successor army with phalanxes of pikemen, thundering charges of Agema cavalry and elephants… 🙂

If I manage to do all this in the next 6 months… both my time and money will be completely spend, so what I will actually do and what I will postpone is something only time will tell :p

And what are your plans for the coming 6 months?

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