Roll out the Battle Engines

So a friend of mine and I just got our Battle Engines and took them to the field of battle to playtest them… Need more playtesting :pSo it was going to be eGrissels Blockade Runners tierlist (tier 4) against a hard pKreoss list.

Blockaderunners deployed
Grissels blockaderunners are deployed

I took the War Wagon together with a unit of Longriders with Horthol with me, an Axer, Impaler and Mauler and the Sons of Bragg with some Bushwackers and Whelps.

Unpainted Protectorate
the unpainted masses of Kreoss

My opponent had his Vessel of Judgement, 2 Vanquishers and a Redeemer, all the standard support stuff with Protectorate, and a unit of Exemplar Errants and the character unit.

We rolled the Destruction scenario, so after deployment, I started the game with the first turn.

Turn 1:

My turn starts with the basic buffing and moving towards my enemy. The Bushwackers take a flanking position on my right flank. My opponent does the same, his Errants take the ruins on my left flank and his jacks manage to kill 3 Bushwackers with ranged attacks.


Turn 2:

Ready to charge
the lines are drawing close

I start my turn by moving more of my troops in better positions to charge next turn. The War Wagon tries get a shot on Kreoss, but misses miserably.

My opponent starts his turn by moving a few models in the chargelane of my War Wagon and some Exemplars forward to lure my Longriders. All his jacks and his Vessel of Judgement fires their ranged attacks at my War Wagon ticking of all the damage boxes except the last one (lucky me).


Turn 3:

the War Wagon and the Longriders charge

So I charge my War Wagon straight at his Vessel, past the Honor Guard positioned there, unfortunately I didn’t kill the second guard, so my Battle Engine was stranded there. The same happened to the Longriders who charged the Errants. I held a few back in order to charge the Errants who were going to charge my Longriders… that was the plan.

My opponent started his turn by activating Kreoss and popping his feat, knocking my entire army down… wtf! Then he destroys the War Wagon with a single hit. His Errants try to kill as many of the Longriders as possible, but in the end managed 1 kill.


Then the jacks and Battle Engine starts firing on Grissel, knocked down and with only one Fury on her, she makes an easy target. Luckily, low damage rolls and multiple succesfull tough rolls makes my opponent sweating when he makes his last shot this turn… I failed my tough roll :°(

Grissel is dead
with Grissel dead, victory goes to my opponent

So, conclusions. eGrissel is an nice enough caster and I will defenitely play more games wih her. Her tierlist isn’t that good and next time there will be Fennblades, Champions and some support solo’s in the list. The Longriders are a nice, hard hitting unit with Horthol backing them up, so they will go in my Jarl Skuld list.

And the War Wagon is really nice, the rat is terrible, but an pow 16 aoe 5″ shot, combined with a huge base that can trample through soft units is just great. But will defenitely need more playtime with this thing 🙂

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