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Doomshaper vs Kaelyssa, bad match-up?

Last evening I’ve played a game against a friend of mine to test one of our lists for the EU Masters. eDoomy with 3 Heavy Warbeasts (first time I fielded 3 Heavy’s) against Kaelyssa with a full unit Mage Hunter Strike Force… since it was my first time against that unit, I was in for some nasty surprises…

Trollbloods battleline
Mulg is substituted with some Retri-jack legs :p

My eDoomy list hits like a brick with Mulg (which I forgot to bring with me :p), Mauler, Axer and my second time playing an Earthborn Dire Troll (EBDT). Furthermore I got a unit Champions, Swamb Gobbers, Fell Caller, Champion Hero and Whelps to help me with my Fury management.

Retribution deployed
Mage Hunters ready to strike

My opponent had with Kaelyssa a unit of Mage Hunters (MHSF), some cavalry solo’s, a Phoenix, a unit of Sentinels and some supporting solo’s. So we were both playing our anti-Colossal lists against each other. The scenario we played was Process of Elimination.

Turn 1:

Mage Hunters in my face
Kaelyssa’s Feat preventing me from charging the Mage Hunters

My opponent had the first turn and did as what is almost standard in wargaming… moving his troops forward. But the MHSF were so damn fast that they were right in my face :-s Unfortunately, my opponent popped his Feat preventing me from charging his troops in my first turn. So I moved my troops forward and hoped to grind the MHSF next turn.

Turn 2:

So much happened in one turn!
Trampling is fun! MHSF and Destor Thanes are not…

My opponent started his turn with moving his MHSF forward and unleashing his arrows on Doomshaper… Wait! What?!? Yes, apparently they ignore Line of Sight, Cover and Concealment… Luckily he didn’t want to end the game to quickly and left eDoomy with a few Health boxes left. Whelps and an Swamp Gobbers weren’t so lucky. My next surprise came when he moved his Destor Thanes forward and started shooting up my Champions. With Kaelyssa and the Phoenix finishing the job and leaving 1 Champion alive.

Now it was my turn to exact my vengeance! First I started with running my remaining Champion, Fell Caller and Champion Hero into the MHSF and killing them all. Then I popped eDoomy’s Feat and cast Rush (+2” movement and Pathfinder) on Mulg. Mulg, being hit in the previous turn by some bullets and arrows (Eiryss and Ghost Sniper) got an extra 2” movement from Relentless. Then I activated Mulg and let him Trample a stunning 14” right through all of his Sentinels, leaving only the Commander standing. The EBDT trampled straight ahead and finished of Lady Aiyana and some stray Mage Hunters. Finally I ran the Mauler and the Axer into the remaining MHSF. The table was a lot emptier now.

Turn 3:

eDoomy exposed
Doomshaper is easy pickings for the cavalry next turn

My opponent started his turn by finishing off the solo’s on my left flank, luckily failing to kill the Champion. The 2 remaining MHSF fail to kill the Axer and the Sentinel Officer charge and do considerable damage on the Mauler, together with pEiryss and an Mage Hunter Assassin. The Phoenix attacks the EBDT, but, together with Holt and Sylys, fail to kill him. The Fane Knight charge the objective but only does 13 damage.

my turn 3
the EBDT smashes the Phoenix to pieces

In my turn, Mulg Frenzies, but without a Frenzy target he just stands there being angry.  The EBDT steals the Pow of the Thermal Blade of the Phoenix and then starts dishing out tremendous amounts of damage, finishing the Warjack. With his remaining Fury he kills and eats both Sylys and Holt. The Mauler eats the Sentinel Officer and my last Champion fail to kill the Destor Thane. In an attempt to spare eDoomy, I run my last Whelp and Swamp Gobber towards his cavalry models in order to stall them a turn. Doomshaper casts Primal Shock through the Mauler killing Eiryss.

Turn 4:

proxy Mulg eats Kaelyssa
proxy Mulg eats Kaelyssa

My opponent start with destroying my rescue solo’s, the Champion (finally) and the objective  with his cavalry solo’s and sends the third one charging the EBDT and killing him together with Kaelyssa. The last Mage Hunter Assassin deals some more damage on the Mauler, killing him. One Destor Thane charged my Axer and kills him in cold blood. He scores 3 Control Points.

My last turn starts, if I don’t win this now, the game is over for me, I use some of my Fury to heal Mulg enough and Trample right through the Mechanik who stood in my way to stall me. With a combination of Reach, 5 Fury and Mat 7 I managed to kil and eat Kaelyssa, winning the game.

To be fair, my opponent had twice the chance of finishing the game early, the first with the MHSF and the second with the Fane Knight, he could have charged Doomshaper but opted for charging the objective. So my applause to a great opponent!

So what have I learned from this game? Trampling with my Heavy’s is a great way of getting through units and closer towards your goal. But it’s probably better to let multiple Warbeast Trample close to each other, so they don’t get seperated and alone. MHSF is a unit to be feared, for some reason I never had the displeasure of confronting this unit before and I still need to get some tactics to oppose them.

So, if you have any suggestions how to deal with an unit of Mage Hunters Strike Force, please let me know in the comments below 😉

7 thoughts on “Doomshaper vs Kaelyssa, bad match-up?

  1. Well, MHSF are only mat/rat 6 so anything with natural high defense becomes problematic for them. Also they are vulnerable against AOE’s.

  2. To be quite honest, Trolls have some of the best tools to make it difficult for the strikeforce. Normaly I’m not a big fan of the Krielstone, but against the strikeforce it works really well. Also, Janissa and elemental communion from the EBDT combine well to boost armor that the strike force doesn’t ignore. Doomie should be at arm 19, which is difficult to crack for the strikeforce. Ultimately, I don’t think the strikeforce is your biggets problem against this list, it’s the sentinels. If you know the trick of the MHSF, they’re pretty easily relegated to a nuissance instead of a gamebreaking unit against Trolls…

    1. Well the Sentinels are hard, but I’ve dealt with them often enough in the past. And an Trampling Mulg will do the trick too :p

      I am not a fan of the Krielstone either, but perhaps I have to give them another chance.

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