Lizardmen 8th edition

Review: Lizardmen 8th edition armybook

The new Lizardmen book was released yesterday! So after leafing through the entire book multiple times, I came to the following conclusions 🙂

Look and feel of the book:

The book looks amazing, so really nice new artwork and beautiful photographs of huge colourful armies. The fluff is basically the same we’ve known for years.

And now for the most important parts, the rules…

Army special rules:

Cold-Blooded and Aquatic are still the same. Blowpipes are also the same. A new weapon is the Lustrian Javelin (12″, Strenght as user, Poisoned Attacks and Quick to Fire)

The new rule is “Predatory Fighter”, this rule grants an model who rolled an 6 to hit another attack. Especially with Saurus Warriors with 2 attacks each, is this a way to unleash a storm of attacks… Nice!

High Magic and Magic Items:

High Magic is the same as the one in the High Elf book, With nice Augments for Initiative and some cool damage spells, this is a balanced spell list. The Lore Attribute, Contemplations,  is a bit odd. After succesfully casting a spell, the Slann can forget that spell and roll for a new spell from the same list, or choose to roll on one of the Battle Magic lists.

The items are good, not very special, but some are nice enough to consider. Example: the Sacred Stegadon Helm of Itza, which can now be worn by Saurus characters, gives an extra armour, +1 toughness and D3 Impact Hits. Place it on a Saurus Oldblood on a Carnosaur or Skink Chief on a Stegadon and you have some good times.

Lords and Heroes:

Well all the special characters haven’t changed much. Saurus Oldbloods and Scar-Veterans are also the same, Scar-Veterans are now able to ride Carnosaurs!

Skink Priests can now choose between the Lore of Heavens and the Lore of Beasts! Skink Chiefs are still the same, though Chiefs are 15 pts cheaper now.

Slann Mage-Priests changed the most. Gone is the auto-build with Focus of Mystery and Focused Rumination, because the first now only grants Loremaster High Magic and the second doesn’t exist anymore. This will require some plytesting to see what build will be most usefull.

Core Units:

Saurus Warriors are even better now with the Predatory Fighter rule and the fact that spears are now a free upgrade! Skink Cohorts are still the same, except that you can give them Poisoned Attacks, but they remain flimsy T2 mediocre fighters. Skink Skirmishers are also unchanged.

Special Units:

Cold One Riders are a bit cheaper, unless you give them spears, which makes them just as expensive. Temple Guard are better then ever with Predatory Fighter. The Stegadon and Kroxigors are cheaper and the Chameleon Skinks are more expensive now.

Jungle Swarms are a very good support unit now, when a block of Saurus Warriors or something other is in the same combat as a Jungle Swarm, that unit gets Poisoned Attacks! Awesome! And one of the Bastiladon versions can make existing Jungle Swarms bigger then they were! The other Bastiladon has a nice Initiative buff bubble and a fun “laser”-attack.

For the new flyers I can say this, OMG! Both Terradons and Ripperdactyls are Monstrous Cavalry, which means STOMPS! Terradons are still the same with Drop Rocks and Javelins. The new Fireleech Bolas give the riders flaming attacks with strenght 4. The Ripperdactyls are complete mass murderers with 2 attacks each with Frenzy and Killing Blow. You can nominate 1 enemy unit as their prey, if so, when attacking the Ripperdactyls get Frenzy D3+1! Nice!

Rare Units:

The Ancient Stegadon is cheaper and the Engine of the Gods is both cheaper and a rare choice and you don’t have to choose between powers, because all its powers are all constantly activated! Salamanders and Razordons are the same, but the first one is more expensive and the second one is cheaper.

The Troglodon gives a nice buff to the Predatory Fighter rule and has a nice sniping ranged attack.


This new book has made me excited for Lizardmen again. It is now possible to take more monsters and have way more variëty in your armies and more tactical options then the previous book in 8th edition.

So, soon I am going to play a game again to try out a couple of things from the new book! Already looking forward to it 😉

And what is your opinion about the new book? Please tell me and leave a comment below 🙂

5 thoughts on “Review: Lizardmen 8th edition armybook

  1. They are MC, so do have stomps and 2W. But are still T2 Plus the rippers have In. 2. The unit will be wiped out before the get a change to strike. 🙁

    1. Initiative buff on them and charge them into the unit you want to get rid off. Just make sure its not your opponents best or biggest unit.

      But some playtesting will be required.

  2. How could I have missed this?!? But Skinks now come with a 6+ Scaly Skin save! Give them shields and you have a 33% chance they will survive a flight of arrows coming their way.

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