Mauler vs Sorcha

Western Slugfest 2013

So, last saturday I went with a friend to the Western Slugfest Warmachine tournament at de Tafelridder in Leiden. It was a really fun day with a couple of good games and the fun smacktalk with the Dutch Warmachine community ๐Ÿ™‚

So the day started really early at 6 o’clock, meaning I only had 5 hours of sleep (a couple of friends came over to celebrate my wife’s birthday) and a bit of a hangover.ย After an 2 hour trainride we stood in the middle of Leiden completely lost since it was our first time we were going to be playing a tournament in de Tafelridder.

But once we were there, it was good too see so many familiar faces. The format was 2 lists of 35pts Steamroller 2013 style. The main prize was a huge cup and an Colossal of Gargantuan of your choice… nice!

For my lists I choose one control and one anti-colossal list.

Controllist led by Jarl Skuld

  • Dire Troll Mauler
  • Troll Axer
  • Fennblades + UA
  • Longriders
  • Fell Caller

My anti-colossallist led by Epic Doomshaper (eDoomy)

  • Mulg
  • Dire Troll Mauler
  • Troll Axer
  • Champions
  • Fell Caller
  • Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Game 1: eDoomy vs Thagrosh (Outflank)

Failed charges
the Dire Trolls both fail their charges

My opponent had an army with an Archangel, an extreme sculpt Carnivean (really nice model), Forsaken, Deathstalker and a Spell Martyr.

At first we both moved our models towards each other, nothing new about that. But in my second turn I wanted to get to grips with his beasts as soon as possible, so I cast the Axers Animus Rush on both beasts and popped my feat, giving both models an considerable speedboost. Unfotunately both Dire Trolls manage to come an half inch short! So in his next turn he destroys them both… My Champions and Fell Caller try to fend off the Archangel, but every attack they make (12 in total) manage to damage him for 1 damage per attack… Seeing the battle lost, my Axer charges his Deathstalker to get at least 2 Army Points. It ended a loss on Control Points.


Game 2: Jarl vs Morghoul (Incursion)

The Mammoth rages on
the Mammoth bulldozes his way towards Jarl

My opponent had with him a Mammoth, Basilisk Krea, Cyclops Brute, Beast Handlers (of course) and Swamp Gobbers.

I spread my Fennblades wide in order to disrupt him from claiming a flag. My tactic was to keep the Mammoth occupied and hunt for Morghoul. With Quicken on my Longriders, they could march an amazing 18 inches. Unfortunately the flag I wanted to secure first, disappeared…

With the right combination of buffs, his Mammoth made short work of my Fennblades and Warbeast, though severely stalling the Mammoth. In a less observed move, Morghoul was in the perfect place to get shot at by Jarl, unfortunately Morghoul survives with 5 damage boxes left. Not long after, my opponent gets enough Control Points to win the game.


Game 3: Jarl vs Krueger (Destruction)

Trollbloods vs a Warpwolf
the Fell Caller tries to save Jarl

My opponents list had all 3 Warpwolfs, an Gorax, Wilder, Gallows Grove and 2 units of Shifting Stones (one with the UA).

The terrain was a bit against me, creating a bottleneck in which my Fennblades and Warbeast got smooched together, so my opponent could pop his feat and place the three templates so that I had to cross them. My Longriders were trying to move behind his line and try to wreak some havock. Unfortunately Warpwolf charges are quite devastating and so were these. I lost both beasts and quite a few Fennblades early on. Jarl took 2 shots at Krueger, but missed one because of his high defense with Skyborne activated. Despite everything the Warpwolfs tried to do, he still had to fly in Krueger to finish Jarl of :p


Game 4: eDoomy vs Sorcha (Process of Elimination)

Sorcha surrounded
Sorcha has Mulg in the front and Champions in the back… the end!

My opponent had with him a Destroyer and a Juggernaut, a unit of Man-O-Wars (all from the 2-player set) a small unit of Winter Guard with Kovnik Jozef. Mulg and the Axer took the left flank, with my Axer charging ahead to make sure the Man-O-Wars ain’t going anywhere. While on my left flank the Champions and the Fell Caller were moving towards his Winter Guards. The M-O-W’s just weren’t in the mood to fight and failed misserably to kill the Axer. Giving my Mauler enough speedbuffs and popping my feat, I charged him straight at the Mauler, but unforunately he didn’t manage to kill her… Meanwhile my Champions were both detroying his Winter Guard and his Destroyer. You gotta love Weapon Master ๐Ÿ™‚

After the Axer was killed and Mulg managed to destroy the Destroyer, it was time for Mulg to show off some more and he kills 4 out of 5 M-O-W’s. Seeing the battle lost, My opponent charges Mulg in the hope to get some Army Points. But Mulg didn’t die and I activated the Champions and finished of the last of the Winter Guard and charged Sorcha killing her shortly afterwards. My first win of the day!

By this time there wasn’t a decisive winner so we had to play another game. You could see people getting fatiqued and becoming groggy. Unforunately I got a very upset stomach because of something I ate, that combined with the fact I was very tired wasn’t very usefull in my last game.


Game 5: eDoomy vs Borka (Close Quarters)

Swamp Gobbers defending
the Swamp Gobbers defend Doomshaper against Borka’s army

My opponent had with him an Earthborn Dire Troll (EBDT), a Pyre Troll, Fennblades, Krielstone with UA and a Fell Caller.

I can’t really remember a lot about this game, because I was constantly fighting not to puke all over the table. But I do remember it was going bad. The Fennblades cut through the Champions like a hot knife through butter and an Mauler is no match when charged by the EBDT. In the end I only had my Swamp Gobbers to protect eDoomy… so naturally I lost by casterkill :p


We didn’t stay for the awardceremony because we wanted to go home after hearing there was a lot going wrong with our trainconnection. But I certainly had a very fun and challenging day (despite my stomachtroubles) and if it possible, I will defenitely be in de Tafelridder for their next Warmachine event! ๐Ÿ™‚


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