EU Masters 2013

EU Masters was a blast!

So I am back home after an amazingly fun weekend of Warmachine/Hordes madness at the European Masters 2013! I learned a lot about the other factions and my army (Trollbloods) and met a whole group of amazing people with whom I really had nice conversations and fun with. So here is the full weekend report!Day 1 Saturday  06:30

The alarmclock is ringing and my back hurts from the bed a friend gave me to let me sleep on since I live to far away to get in time at the Masters. Somewhere after 7 a friend come by to pick us up with his car and drive towards Rotterdam picking up the fourth member of our group. In the car it was non-stop Warmachine discussions and tactica and everyone was getting excited for the coming weekend.

Arriving at the venue it was al about the goody bag (nice T-shirt with the EU Masters logo amongst other things) and meeting all the Dutch players we’ve already met at all the other tournaments. It was also nice to see many nationalities present, so I will record the ones I battled against with each report. After the introduction everyone got ready for their first battle.

If you want to see my three lists, click HERE

Game 1: eDoomshaper vs Vayl (Germany)

Scenario: Destruction

This can't be good
Vayl let the EBDT rampage towrds her and then turns him around..

My opponent had with him 2 Ravagores, Angelius, Seraph, Raek Spawning Vessel, Striders, a couple of Shepherds and an Feralgeist.

Soon after deployment I got to experience the strong point of Vayl. Vayl casts Rampager on my Earthborn, pulling him out of the woods and right in front of his two flying beasts and then turns him around. The beasts kill him and the Feralgeist possesses him… wait… what!

In the following turn I charge the Mulg into the Raek and finish him off, while Vayl casts Rampager on the Mauler and kills him woth her warbeasts. The Ravagores make a bloody mess off my Champions. Mulg eventually gets killed and the Feralgeist (who got back in the game afer I managed to kill the EBDT) takes possession of him. The Striders surround Doomshaper, but do not attack him, this way my opponent gets the maximum amount of Control Points, in the following turn he kills Doomshaper giving him maximum points.

It was a fun game with a very casual opponent (who turned out to be the third best player in Germany) who let me spend more Fury than I had just to give me a chance to score more Armypoints 😉 We often spoke with each other afterwards to get updates and tactics.

Game 2: Jarl Skuld vs Ossyan (Netherlands)

Scenario: Outflank

Where are my Trolbloods?
Jarl scores a Control Point!

So I played against my friend whom I have been playing against loads of times (if you want to read a battle report of a game against him, click HERE) but this time he had Ossyan with him and I’ve never played against him before. His army consisted of all his usuall stuff like Mage Hunters, Sentinels, Eiryss and Destors and such. He also had with him an Phoenix and a Banshee.

This game was a total grind against me, his Sentinels and Mage Hunters went straight through my Fennblades amongst other things. I had to charge my Longriders on my right flank towards the Banshee who got way to close, but miserably failed to damage him. I tried to charge Ossyan with my heavy’s ut that triggered Admonition he had cast on himself, so he moved out of harms way, after that, the Warbeasts got destroyed by his troops. By this time my army was decimated, so in order to score at least one Control Point I moved Jarl next to the flag and shot the Sentinels who were contesting. Also I popped my feat to lay down a row of cloud templates on my left to make sure he couldn’t charge with his Destors. Eventually he moved up against me and managed to shoot Jarl into pieces.

It was a brutal game, but we had a laugh about it, so that was good.

Game 3: Jarl Skuld vs Venethrax (Belgium)

Scenario: Close Quarters

Trolls vs blighted Trolls
Something like civil war

My opponent had with him a unit of Bloodgorgers with Gerlak, Bane Thralls, Bile Thralls, Soulhunters and Blood Witches amongst other things.

He used a layered tactical deployment with his Satyxis first, Bloodgorgers second and Bane Thralls third. Luckily I rolled for a total of 5 cloud aoe’s in Jarls feat turn and made a defensive screen to stall my opponent and get a charge in my next turn… Or he just ran his Blood Witches right through the fog and made them Incorporeal and pinned my Fennblades in place. His Soulhunters were advancing on my right flank, but got held back by my Longriders and Horthol. Then came the brunt of the attack with the Bloodgorgers swarming all over the place but failing to kill a lot. I tried several tactics with my Heavies to break through, but he just held of my attacks. My Longriders managed kill some stuff, but not enough to breakthrough towards Venethrax. Unfortunately I could’nt reach the objective zone, so I lost on Control Points…

Luckily it was a nice guy whom I kept speaking to for the remainder of the weekend.

Game 4: Jarl Skuld vs eAsphyxious (Belgium)

Scenario: Incursion

the Thralls were a meatgrinder against my Trolls

With this report I can be very short, I played against a large horde of Thralls led by epic Asphyxious. I applied the same tactic as before with a screen of clouds in front of my army, but it got handled with the same way with a unit of Blood Witches pinning my Fennblades. Then came the charge of the Thralls grinding their way through my beasts. My Heavies were hopelessly outmatched by the Thralls attacks, eventually I moved Jarl and my Longriders out of harms way in order to prevent a casterkill and giving him more Armypoints. He won on Control Points.

This game was over quite quick and luckily the players was a nice guy, because the game was just devastating.


So this ended the tournament part of the day. With four losses I was determined to make the second day a day of winning! After dinner (Pizza!) there was the quiz with all the rediculous fluff questions one could hope for… But because everyone was becoming very corny and many didn’t take the quiz all to seriously.

After the quiz it was time to get to the pension, make up our beds, head out towards a pub and drink beer till it was a bit to late.


Day 2 Sunday 07:30

Yes! The alarmclock is ringing again… After breakfast amd a short drive towards the venue it was quite funny to see many people all feeling a little groggy and talking with heavy voices because of the drinking. After some chatter the tournament began its fifth round.

Battle 5: eDoomshaper vs eHaley (Austria)

Scenario: Process of Elimination

Double Stormwall
uhm… two Stormwalls?

So after four losses I really wanted to win a game, so I decided to take Doomshaper to battle 2 Stormwalls with 3 Heavies… that didn’t end up quite so well :p

The Stormwalls opened fire on Mulg, killing him and deployed their Lightning Pods in front of my other two Heavies. Then Haley pops her feat, so now I have to choose to either run or do an action, but I can’t run towards the Stormwalls… Bummer! His gunmages take their shots at the Champions but fail to kill anything. My Champions charge hs Gunmages, but often fail to hit, killing not enough to get some Armypoints for it. A Stormwall charge and kill the Mauler and the other charges the Earthborn, but doesn’t do enough damage. I activate my Mauler and attack the Stormwall, damaging him badly while my Axer charges his other Stormwall to pin him down. Doomshaper hides behind a rock with the Animus of the EBDT on him. The Fell Caller calls Taryn to shreds. After that my opponent wins on Control Points.

It was a fun game against a nice opponent, so that was good.

Game 6: Buy!

the Masters venue

I got a buy in my last round, but because of that I got to choose a free unit during an huge applause from the gamers, so now I have a unit of Gunmages for my next project: Mercenaries!

After the last round came the painting competitions, I had my Epic Grissel turned in, but did not win anything.

Then the awardsceremony whit all the Best of Faction winners, Painting Winners and ofcourse the overall winners. Click HERE to see the Final Standings.

In the end I got on 66 place out of 69 players.

Despite all my losses I had an amazing weekend and would like to thank everyone for it! Next year I’ll definitely be there again!

Why did I lose so many games? Well, in the drive home we got to discuss this (my friends won some games, but still suffered some heavy losses) apparent problem. The point is Meta, we don’t have a Cryx or Legion player who play the hard lists and we don’t have people who play heavy infantry lists. So how we are going to deal with this I don’t know yet, but I bet we’ll be spending some more time with the guys from the club: Groninger Wargamers Guild (Groningen).

At last I wanted to share this with you, it gave me a good laugh 😀

Bad Dice Syndrome
some severe cases of BDS

So please let me know how you experienced the EU-Masters 2013 😉

6 thoughts on “EU Masters was a blast!

  1. Hahaha Pretty sure I have some dice with BDS. Wonder if we have a quarantine type pound local to me that I can drop them off at?

    Looks like you had heaps of fun!! Very jealous. Nothing more fun than getting pumped for something like this with a group of friends and having a great time 🙂 Besssst.

  2. Well, I had a great time at the Masters, but judging from the final standing I guess I can also use the extra practise 😛 I guess we should plan more club-battles!

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