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Warmachine faction choosen ;-)

Now with the EU Masters behind me and the National Championship in front of me it might not be the best time to start a completely new faction, but since when have I done something wise? :pWhy Mercenaries? Well, I always liked the idea of a ragtag band of warriors from all sorts of places fighting together. During 6th edition Warhammer I also had an Dogs of War army with some Regiments of Renown, (I’ll post more about that army in the future 😉 ) just because I like the look so much.

But where to start? After months off scrolling through the miniatures, reading tactica and talking with experienced people, I decided I wanted to start with the Dwarves! Rhulic Casters and Warjacks supported by both Rhulic and Steelhead infantry. Luckily I got a free Madhammer model from a friend of mine (Thanks!) so first up were a couple of Jacks. From another friend I bought a Grundback Blaster and Gunner. And ordered a Basher and a Wroughthammer. Luckily I played a game with some borrowed models from a friend, so I already knew which Jacks were a good startingpoint for Madhammer.

Then some Solos, with Mastergunner Dougal and Rheinholdt, I could deal some massive ranged damage with Madhammer. To top it off, I bought a box of Forgeguard because they look so cool! Combined with the Gunmages which I recieved during the EU Masters 🙂 I now have a respactable beginning for a Highborn Covenant army.

Soon I’ll start assembling stuff and playtest the army, but I definitely need more supporting solos, which one do you recommend? Please leave me a comment with a suggestion and why I should take him/her/them 😉

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