App review: IronGrudge

Name: IronGrudge
By: Karsten wagner Bang & Charif Kim Sletten Hubeish
Cost: free

This app is something me and my friends have been using this last year to record all the games of Warmachine and Hordes we have been playing and sometimes we compare statistics… Fun times those are… :pThis app is free to download and very easy to use in order to keep track of all the games (only works for Warmachine and Hordes)  you’ve played. Its easy to add your latest battle with all kinds of basic information like your opponents name and faction and what the outcome of the battle was. Some information you have to add yourselve in little lists, but which are saved in the app memory, like: opponents names, scenarios played and which events you have attended.

battle add menu
adding a new battle in IronGrudge

After you’ve added a couple of battles you can take a look at them in your Battlelist to get a quick overview of which casters you’ve played recently and against who you’ve played with which faction and caster and what the outcome was.

a part of my Battlelist in IronGrudge

And then there is the statistics screen (the most depressing one for me with 32 recorded games of which there are 4 wins…)

Here you can also add filters to see how you have done against a certain opponent, faction or how you performed with a particular caster.

In conclusion, this app is an nice and easy to use way to record all your Warmachine and Hordes battles.

Score: 4/5

Easy to use, easy to view, but the overall look is a bit dull.


Have you used IronGrudge yet? If so, leave me a comment of how you experience this app 😉

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