on the hobbytable: gladiators and stone walls

Hello all,

It’s been some time since my last post, but work is wearing me down… However I managed to do some little work on my gladiators and started with my latest addition for my Trollbloods army.

Í’ve always been interested in the gladiatorial battles from ancient rome. The men and women who stood brave facing their opponent, knowing only one of them will make it out alive, but still respecting each other with honor. And in the passing years I”ve read quite a lot about this topic in books and during my vacation in Rome. So when I got my hands on the Murmillo gladiator from Warlord Games, I just had to make some extra troops and play some games with a rulebook I already had in by bookcabinet.

WIP Gladiators
a Murmillo gladiator and some Celtic Noxii

I still have a lot of Early Imperial Romans lying around, so made a Gladiator and some condemned legionaries out of them. Together with a blister of Warlords Celtic Linebreakers to use as trained Noxii slaves, my arena battles will be looking a bit more colourfull. At this moment I am busy with the shields, after that its only a matter of some higlights and they are done 😀


For my Trollbloods I bought Janissa Stonetide, a trollki solo who can place a wall and do some damage with Rock Hammer. During the EU-Masters I got yelled at by someone that it wasn’t a wonder I lost so much with my Trollbloods because I didn’t had Janissa with me…


WIP wall
Janissa’s wall WIP

But for the walltemplate I wanted something different then a simple piece of plasticcard or piece of paper. So I got the right measurements for a walltemplate out of thick plasticcard and glued a piece cork on with the right height (I believe it was 1″). In the coming week I will give the cork a layer of PVA glue to stop it from crumbling and to make painting a lot easier. Hopefully I t will be finished together with the gladiators by the end of the week, so I can start working on Janissa herself and after that make my preparations for the Journeyman league in which I will enter with my Mercs.


Ohw, I also played a game yesterday using Janissa in an 35 point eMadrak list and managed to score a casterkill against Ravyn… Nice 😉


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