Civil war between Lizardmen

Table full of unpainted Lizardmen

Last Tuesday I had a battle against a fellow Lizardmen player, but the biggest difference between us, is that he started playing the new book right from the start and this is only my second game with the new book… Also he had more of the new kits available and I only had a unit of Ripperdactyls.

Lizardmen deployed
both unpainted armies are deployed

Well, as you can see, both armies are still very much work in progress so please bear with me :p

My army was led by a Slann with Loremaster High magic in a unit of Temple Guard. My army further had an Skink Priest on Engine of the Gods, a Stegadon and a Ancient Stegadon, 2 units of Skinks with javelins, a big block of Saurus, Jungle Swarms and Ripperdactyls.

My opponents army was also led by a Slann and consisted of 1 block of Saurus, 4 units of Skinks, 2 Bastiladons with Solar Engines, an Ancient Stegadon and a Skink Chief on Ancient Stegadon and a unit of Ripperdactyls. After deployment I won the starting roll and lets murder!

Turn 1: Always the “moving towards”

As is usuall, in our first turn nothing much happened. Both armies were marching towrds each other (my army marched a lot faster than his) and we both tried to put some faster troops on each others flank. Something he did on my weaker left flank.


Turn 2: my right flank falls

my right flank is gone
with my right flank gone, my main body has to adapt

In my turn I try to break my opponents troops on my right flank with a storm of darts from my Ancient Stegadon and Skinks, unfortunately, that didn’t work… My army in the centre moved into a better position, but after failing to secure my right flank, are now vulnerable. In my opponents turn, he smashes my right flank, killing the Stegadon and breaking my Skinks. On my left flank he charged his Riperdactyls into my Stegadon but fails too finish him off. Till now magic hasn’t done a lot thanks to the many succesfull dispel rolls.

Turn 3: Brunt of the charge

Temple Guard hold the line
repositioning and recieving some devastating charges

In my turn I move my Saurus Warriors to intercept anythig coming from my right, while my Jungle Swarms charge his Salamander. On my left flank I charge my opponents Ripperdactyls with my own and together with my Stegadon manage to kill them all! My opponent starts his turn by charging my Temple Guard with his Chief on Ancient Stegadon and one of his Bastiladons. At the same time a unit of his Skinks move closer towards my Saurus Warriors. In the combat phase my Temple Guard take some heavy losses, but are still stubborn enough to hold their ground.

Turn 4: thundering charges

a lot off Lizardmen beasts
Stegadons and Bastiladons with some smaller stuff in the middle :p

Things are looking grimm for me, I move my Ripperdactyls nearer towards his Slann and suffer even more losses with my Temple Guard. My opponent on the other hand manage to finish of my Stegadon on my left flank with some Skinks missile fire and charge my Saurus Warriors with his Ancient Stegadon doing considerable damage. He also charge a Bastiladon in th left flank of my Temple Guard while the Salamander finish off the Jungle Swarms. A lot of Saurus died this turn…

Turn 5: the grind continues

tthe Slann is now in combat
To many casualties on my side

In my turn I choose to charge his Saurus Warriors in the flank with my Ripperdactyls, failing everything a breaking from combat into the nearby forest… All the while the beasts of my opponent grind my soldiers to dust untill the Bastiladons come into contact with my Slann, killing it way too fast because all of a sudden I couldn’t roll a 4+ for my ward save :p

With the gaming time over it was a decisive victory for my opponent. I did come to ome conclusions. In my opinion, Temple Guard are not the best of investments, Skinks are very handy and I’ll definitely need some more and a combined attack by a couple of the Lizardmen beasts is just devastating, so I will need more off them.

But my Lizardmen are going to be put in the background for the time being, since next Tuesday our club is starting with the final season of Warmachine Machinations league (I know its over, but we had to postpone the league for a month) and after that it’s time for my Warmachine Mercenaries in the Joureyman league I am going to organise 😀

So, what do you think about the Lizardmen army? Please leave me your opinion in the comments below 😉

2 thoughts on “Table full of unpainted Lizardmen

    1. If with Dinoriders you mean the big beasties, then I totally agree ;-D
      But if you mean Cold One Riders, then I disagree… I find them way to expensive for the damage output they do :p

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