Crisis and a challenge

So with moving my site to its own domain and losing my bag with my entire Trollbloods army in the train! (yes I did, but luckily got it back a few days later) I forgot to write my report about Crisis 2013… But believe me, it was spectacular!After a long and cramped ride with 4 other guys in a small car for several hours we arrived in Antwerp and for us the spectacle begon. So many awesome tables full of miniatures and dozens of stands crammed with all kinds of miniatures, this was definitely the walhalla for wargamers. Besides drooling over all the awesomeness I managed to make 2 less blurry pictures 😉

Freebooters Fate demotable
the awesome demo table for Freebooters Fate

a big table for a American War of Independence  battle including ships

I am also completely broke :p From solos for my Hordes and Warmachine factions (buy 3, get the cheapest one for free) to Normans for my Saga warband. And the last thing is for my challenge this weekend!


The Weekendchallenge!

2 boxes of Conquests Norman knights
2 boxes of Conquests Norman knights

I want to try and paint an entire Norman warband for Saga in 1 weekend! Thats 29 mounted soldiers, 8 soldiers on foot and 1 dog!  Which makes for 38 models.

My 6 point list will be:

2 units of 6 mounted Hearthguard
2 units of 8 mounted Warriors
1 unit of 8 Warriors on foot with crossbows

That leaves me 1 mounted model which I will convert to William the Bastard, a special character warlord.

How I am going to do this, I don’t know yet. I want to have everything assembled before 1 o`clock in the afternoon and after lunch I want to paint on all the basic colours before evening. Then on the second day the washes, the shields and finally the highlighting and finishing the bases. Hopefully by te end of the weekend I have a fully painted Saga warband to take with me to a small Saga event I am hosting next saturday.

SO, have any of you guys any tips on speed painting? Let me know and leave me a comment below.

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