Charge of the Normans

For King and Country II Saga tournament

Last Saturday I hosted a small Saga tournament and with four players it was a small tournament, but very fun and challenging nonetheless. The diversity between the players was little with 2 Viking and 2 Norman players. Luckily we all had very different warbands with us and when all the models were placed on the table we started with the first round.

Round 1: vs Vikings (the same guy I played against in this battle report)

Scenario: Clash of Warlords

The Normans advance
The Vikings prepare themselves for the oncoming charge of the Normans

After deploying both our warbands, I started the game with moving all my cavalry forward between the rocks and taking up good positions to strike my opponent. My opponent reacted by creating a defensive brick around his warlord in order to withstand my upcoming charges. On my right flank I managed to charge a 6 man Hearthguard unit into a unit of Warriors of his and using the Charge! Ability from my battleboard, destroyed them. My charges on my left flank and the centre were less succesfull. After a couple of rounds, both our forces were heavily thinned and then disaster struck!

My opponent managed to charge my Warlord with both his Warlord and a unit Berserkers who were also buffed up to make more attacks. My opponent then managed to roll 12 HITS! Luckily I choose to play on the defensive side and could roll 14 dice to save him, but on a 5+ chances were very slim he survived. So I rolled my dice and managed to make 9 SAVES! But then still 3 attacks got through, due to the resilience rule, I ignore 1 hit. And then I remembered another nifty rule, a Warlord can use the lives of nearby Warriors and Hearthguard to save himself and luck would have it, I deployed my crossbow warriors next to my Warlord. So sacrificing 2 of them my Warlord managed to survive this onslaught. In my following turn I moved my Heartguard unit on my right flank to move up to the centre and kill some more soldiers. The game ended because we were out of turns. I won this battle because I killed more men!

Round 2: vs Normans

Scenario: Sacred Ground

King of the hill
Warlord Odo fancies himself “King of the Hill”

Because our tables were a bit to big, we made a measurement error and placed all terrainpieces in a neat line in the exact centre of the table. SO, the person who started the game had the opportunity to move his cavalry forward and claim all three objectives in the first turn. Our roll off ended in a draw, luckily my opponent was clean-shaven, so I had first turn.

And I did exactly just that, claiming all three objectives with my cavalry and managing to hold of every attempt by my opponent to claim one of them for himself. So after a couple of turns, my opponent had a few victory points, while I had dozens already. Then my luck ran dry. The centre hill was the first to fall with both a Hearthguard unit and my Warlord destroyed. I hoped by repositioning my troops on my left hill I could holde ‘em off… not! After a couple of battles they were also slaughtered. Meanwhile hs missile troops were taking out my crossbow armed soldiers one at a time… In my last two turns Ionly had one unit of Warriors left on the right hill and decided I’d pass up on my activations in order to hold them there an score some more victory points. My opponent didn’t try to attack me, but move more of his troops into the hills to claim more points. In the end I won this game because I managed to claim more victory points.

Round 3: vs Vikings

Scenario: the Challenge

the valiant Viking
the Viking Warlord holds his ground bravely against the oncoming Nomans

Ah, the Challenge! 12 wounds per Warlord and both start stand 4’’ from each other without support. My opponent had the first turn and moved some troops as fast as possible forward to support his Warlord, he did attack me, but only did a couple of damage. In my turn however I moved one unit of my Heartguard up and charged his Warlord together with my Warlord. Inflicting a stunning 9 wounds! So with only 3 wounds left on his Warlord, my opponent went full defense. Repelling multiple of my attacks and severely damaging my army. Only my left flank went good with my Warriors driving his Levies away, but my centre came crumbling down fast. With repeated attacks my opponent managed to damage my Warlord a little everytime. So in a last ditch attempt I pumped up a combined attack with my Warlord and the remaining few Hearthguard and completely mangled his Warlord. Needless to say I won this match too.

So with three wins and a hundred victoy points, I won the tournament and the prize! A box of 44 plastic Gripping Beasts Saxon Thegns which I will use to make my second Saga Warband :p

It was a very fun and challenging day with three diverse games and good tactical and nic opponents 😀 and that is even more important than winning! Tomorrow I will play another game of Saga at our weekly gamenight before I spend all my energy into my new Warmachine army, so stay tuned for more.

Tell me, what is the most damage you inflicted on a Warlord in a game of Saga? I am very curious to know 😉

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