one multi-base, makes two single cavalry bases

How to split a multi-base (Renedra)

As is often the case when buying miniatures for wargaming, you get multi-bases with them. And, yes, in wargaming they are extremely usefull. But if you want to use a box of wargaming miniatures for a skirmish game, the big bases are not usable. How can we fix this? Well, here is how I did it!

You can always buy seperate bases of course, but it is just as easy to split a multi-base in a desired size. When I used Conquests Games Norman Knights, I got quite a few Renedra multi-bases with them. But since I wanted to use the knights for a Saga warband, I came up with a trick to split the base using only a hobbyknife and some raw manly strength :p

Step 1

Cutting the desired size
First use a base of your desired shape and lay it on top of the multi-base tight in the corners. Then, using a hobbyknife, cut a shallow line in the multi-base right next to your desired size base.

Step 2

Bending the cutting mark
Now hold your base firmly between your vingers and your thumb and fold it slightly to the outside, i.e. the side you didn’t cut, until a thick white line appears.

Step 3

one multi-base, makes two single cavalry bases
Now fold the base the other side and it wil easily snap in two giving you, in my case, two cavalry bases.

Step 4

a pile of cavalry bases
File the edges with a rough file and you’re done! Now you can repeat the process or snap the bases once again to create infantry bases.

And there you have it! A quic and easy way to create bases for single models out of multi-bases. I finished the above pile in about five minutes. Now I used this trick for a cavalry army, but I have to do this to for my foot slogging Saxons in the near future.

Do you have any tips or tricks concerning making bases or have a question or suggestion for me to blog about, please leave me a comment below  😉

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