Journeyman Kick-off

Journeyman League 01: The beginning of a Warmachine army

Yesterday was the kick off of our very own Journeyman League I organise together with a gaming buddy of mine for our Warmachine/Hordes community. We did however house ruled the league by letting people create their own battle box/starterarmy and to work in multi-week phases instead of doing something different every week. And I decided to go for a Warmachine Mercs army led by Durgen Madhammer!

So this Journeyman marks my first steps into the world of Warjacks and Focus. Since I’ve played nothing but Hordes since I started this game, I really wanted something different. So a shooty merc army was one of the first ideas I had. And with Madhammer leading this merry little bunch, the explosions will hopefully be devastating the tabletop!

Madhammer and jacks
Madhammer flanked by two heavy’s. A Wroughthammer Rockram and a Basher

Since the first two weeks of our league will be battle box (9-11 points battlegroup only) I decided to go for a Basher and a Wroughthammer as the core for my growing army. The Wroughthammer has a hard hitting cannon with Assault, high armour (but that’s expectd with Warjacks) and a high Pow weapon. Downside is his slowpoke speed. The Basher on the otherhand is a no-nonsense headbutting ‘jack you use only to slam your enemy away. And combined with Madhammers Redline spell, it can deal some nice damage with this attack.

Madhammer is a real nice caster who’s world resolves around aoe explosions. With a cannon that can Carpet Bomb 2 aoe’s and a hammer that does aoe damage combined with his Feat which gives an extra damage die on aoe damage rolls, it’s explosion madness all around!

After the kick-off of the league I played three games that evening, 11-points games can go very fast!

The first game was against my fellow Event Organizer with his Cryx army led by Mortenebra with a Slayer and a Leviathan. The game started with him turning his ‘jacks around and showing me their behinds, while I had to stumble forwards a couple of turns before I was close enough to take a shot at him. But then he maxed out his Leviathan and kept on shooting at Madhammer, reducing him to a pin cushion…

Taunting Cryx jacks
Cryx ‘jacks taunting me with their behinds

My second game was against Master Tormenter Morghoul with a Titan Gladiator and a Bronzeback. But what happened next was beyond my understanding :p Morghoul kept damaging both beasts and before I knew it, they were both running halfway the table! So I slammed my Basher straight into the Gladiator, slamming it far away and with Follow Up, moved my Basher out of the control area… My Wroughthammer moved in front of my caster to protect him and take a shot at the Bronzeback. But then the Bronzeback attacked my Wroughthammer and with Beatback, pushed it towards my caster and eventually, Morghoul finished the job quick and easy…

Cryx vs mercs
silence before the storm

And finally the third game was against a beginning Warmachine player with his Cryx army being led by Goreshade the Bastard. It consisted out of a Slayer, Deathripper and a Defiler. After closing the distance, I managed to come to grips wth my oppenents troops first, but made some errors. With to few Focus on the Basher, I didn’t boost the attack roll to slam his Defiler and missed. And my Wroughthammer did some serious damage on the Slayer, but missed a couple of hits. Luckily he could’nt destroy anything of mine either, but  when Goreshade popped his feat and a unit of Bane Thralls were summoned next to my caster it was over in the following turn.

So what did I learn? Well, first I need to plan ahead more! Often I put a Focus point on a Warjack “just in case…” but never used it. And with limited boosting options it’s better to make sure something hits instead of thinking “if I fail, I’ll just buy another attack” Running Warjacks is quite different from running Warbeast and I need to get the hang of them :p

But it was a fun evening and now to the painting table, I want those painting points!

Do you have any tips or tricks that might help me run my battlegroup more efficiënt? Please leave me a comment below!

If you want to know more about Journeyman Leagues, click for a link to the Privateer Press site HERE

3 thoughts on “Journeyman League 01: The beginning of a Warmachine army

  1. Hoi Jelle,

    Goed bezig met je league! Vraagje: heb je er ook aan gedacht om een Assault met de Rockram te proberen, zonder dat je in mêlee eindigt? Immers, je mag nog steeds het Assault schot maken als de charge zelf faalt. Op die manier geef je die langzame ‘jack toch nog 3″ extra bereik en tegenstanders vergeten dat nog wel eens. Gooi er ook nog Redline op nog iets meer bereik en boost de rolls waar nodig! Weet niet of het wat had uitgemaakt in je eerste potjes, maar misschien had je die moonende Cryxians toch nog een schot in de aars kunnen leveren. ;-). Succes de komende tijd!

    1. Ah, thank you for this good tip 😉 Charging with my Rockram to make a shot and give him a 3″ speed boost is a great idea!Gonna use this one the next time 😀

  2. Yup, en met je feat aan en explosivo op het ding krijg je effectief een extra focus op het ding om de to hit te boosten met je gun. Niemand vindt het leuk om door dat ding aangetikt te worden. POW15 met een potentieel eng (doch random) effect en boosted damage dice is best vervelend.

    Ook: doe geen moeite met een AP schot op cryx arcnodes: carpet bomb die troep.

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