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Saga battle report: the Challenge

Two days after painting my Normans I already played a nice game of Saga with them. Against an fearless army of Vikings we fought the Challenge scenario, pitching our Warlords against each other with our forces fighting all around them… or so was the general idea…

We rolled for the a scenario and “the Challenge” was the result. In this scenario, both warlordsd start in the middle 4″ apart. They both have 12 wounds and the first player who kills the other warlord wins or if they damaged the opponents warlord the most after 7 turns. The rest of the army deploys 6″ from the table edge.

So after placing our Warlords 4” apart in the centre of the table, we begon deploying our forces. My tactic was to have a centre with my 2 units of Hearthguard with my crossbow armed Warriors in the middle and have one unit of Warriors on either flank. My idea was to rush my Hearthguard forward to aid my Warlord and use my Warriors to attack his army from both sides, hoping to either deal massive damage or pull his army out of formation. My opponent put al his Hearthguard and Warrior units in the middle, hoping to rush forward and relieve his Warlord as soon as possible.

deployment saga
let the challenge begin!

My opponent got initiative, we both rolled the same number and then the person with the most awesome facial hair wins, unfortunately, I shaved the previous evening…

Turn 1 Vikings

protecting the warlord
the Viking Warlord cowers behind his Hearthguard

My opponent started his turn by moving his unit of 8 Hearthguard next to his Warlord, then he activated his Warlord and did a We Obey action, charging my Warlord with both his unit and his Warlord. Luckily, my Warlord easily survived and my opponent was forced to disengage. He then moved his Warlord back and put his Hearthguard in a protective circle in front of him… the coward!

Turn 1 Normans

Normans advancing
the Norman knights advance to encircle the Vikings and aid their Warlord

I started my turn by moving one unit of Hearthguard to the front and then with a We Obey command charged them together with my Warlord in my opponents Hearthguardscreen. unfortunately, my opponent playd on the defensive and I failed to kill anything, so I was forced to disengage. I moved the unit of Warriors on my right flank around the forest and my unit of Warriors on my left flank between the hovel and the forest (in retrospect, I should have advanced them around the hovel and attacked my opponent in the rear)

Turn 2 Vikings

diminished vikings
though few in numbers, the Vikings managed to destroy one of my Hearthguard units

My opponent used his battleboard better than me. Instead of buying loads of activations, he buys a couple of abilities like removing fatique or gaining more attack dice. He buffs his unit Hearthguard so much they push my Warlord way back behind my second unit of Hearthguard and even manage to kill my other unit! He also moves one unit of Warriors to hold off my advancing Warriors on my right flank.

Turn 2 Normans

Norman payback
MY Hearthguard finally manage to push the Vikings back

In my turn I manage to drive his slaughtering Hearthguard back with my own unit buffed up with the Charge! ability from my battleboard. Unfortunately, the Warriors on my right flank get pushed back and lose a couple of models…

Turn 3 

Norman supremacy
Bothour Hearthguard gets severely crippled, but my Warriors manage to push them back

From this moment the game got intense, so I forgot to take pictures after every turn :p

My opponent drive my Hearthguard back off which only 1 knight remains. In my turn I charge my Warriors on my left flank around the hovel and into the Hearthguard, greatly reducing their numbers. On my right flank, my Warriors yet again fail to break through his Warriors.

Turn 4

Norman crossbows
The crossbowmen pick out their targets

Almost my entire army gets destroyed this turn. My opponent used the Loki ability to remove my Warrior unit on my right flank and charges my Warriors on my left flank with his Berserkers, slaughtering the whole lot of them. I did take my vengeance on his last remaining Berserker with my last remaining Heartguard. Then I used my crossbows to pick out a unit, but failed to kill…

Turn 5

fingers of death
my opponents has to remove his models before the onslaught wrought by my Warlord!

My opponent decided to go with his Warlord straight for my Warriors, driving them back. In the meantime, my Warlord chooses to do pretty much the same with his remaining models, killing quite a few.

Turn 6

killing rampage Warlords
our Warlords keep going on their killing rampage, unfortunately I used to much fatique, so now my Warlords has to suffer from exhaustion penalties

Turn 7, the final turn

Warlords challenge again
It ends how it started, with a challenge

Now only our Warlords are left, we didn’t manage to kill each other, but since I used mine more aggresively, I had the most wounded one and so lost this battle.

So what have I learned? USE THE BATTLEBOARD ABILITIES!!! Sometimes it’s better to not activate a unit, but to give an active unit more beef or survivabillity.

Watch your fatique! Ragnar spoke truly when he said that at some time it will bite you in the ass. I had that moment with my Warlord when he had 5 fatique points on him and had to halve his attacks.

And lastly, archery is not a game winner. Yes, some factions are good at ranged attacks, but all the other factions have shooting for one thing only! And thats to pick of surviving straglers without having to chase them down with your units.

Hopefully you liked my report, for us it was a good training for theSaga  tournament I am hosting this saturday.

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So let me know if you have any tactical tips for my Norman warband!

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