Weekendproject: How to speedpaint an entire Saga warband

My challenge for this weekend was to paint an entire Norman warband for Saga. And thanks to the help of my wife, I managed to succeed with a painfull back, dirty fingers and a sense of satisfacton.

Day 1:

I got out of bed a bit too late then I wanted, but sat down at my desk motivated to begin.

I started the project with clipping al the parts for 29 horses from the sprues and filling all the flash from them. This took me way to long to complete and by the time al the horses were assembled, it was well into the afternoon.

Norman horses wip
a lot of assembled horsies

After the horses came the knights and infantry models. Again I had to clip all the parts from the sprues and file them all down. Once everything was assembled, it was halfway the afternoon. So with little time left, I stuck all the infantry models on my sprayingtray using tac (posterbuddy, sticky gum) So I could prime them all-in one go. The first batch of knights were all with chainmail armor, so I sprayed them with Chainmail from Armypainter. The second batch were knights with leather or cloth armor, so those were sprayed brown. Once the knoghts were done, I sprayed all the horses in two batches brown and started painting the basic colours on them. Since the Normans had a lot of colour in their costumes I could go nuts with dark red, blue, light green and orange to paint the sleeves or cloth armor, creating unique looking knights and warriors.

Norman Knights wip
some of the Norman Knights with the base colours painted on

I had to stop in the beginning of the evening due to social obligations 😉 Looking back on the day I lost a lot of time with doing other chores, doing some more research on the Norman wargear and the 15 Companions of William the Conquerer and with the assembly of all the models…

Day 2:

I got out off bed in time and after breakfast immediatly went down to start further work on the knights. But things just took way too long and luckily my wife offered to help me paint all the horses after she came to check how I was doing.

Working together on the horses really sped things up. Painting the tails and manes dark brown and the leather was painted black. In the meantime I started work on the shields, clipping them from the sprue and priming them brown. I wanted all the shields to have a individual look. I achieved this with (rather blurry) freehands and using different colours for the same shield designs. Working together and both working on dofferent parts of the warband really sped things up. While my wife was washing the horses, I was washing the knights. Teamwork for the win!

Norman horses painted wip
the horses are getting a lot more colourful

Finally, in the late hours of the afternoon I could start glueing the shield on the knights while my wife was attacking all the bases with two kinds of static grass. Luckily we didn’t had to cook ourselves (thank you neighbours 😉 ) so we could spent an extra hour finishing the warband.

Lisette painting a horse
my wife Lisette painting one of the horses

When everything was done and we put all the models in their respective units, we both felt very happy!

Norman Warband
the Norman warband in its finished glory
Odo Bishop of Bayeux
Odo, the bishop of Bayeux is ready to lead his men into battle
Norman Knights
the knights are ready to charge


Well for starters, I wouldn’t have done all of this without my wife’s help, so thanks honey! Secondly, it wasn’t a realisitc goal, there was just way too much work in the assembly phase. Also insisting on a diverse and unique look for the troops also slowed things down a bit :p But in the end I am glad the result is awesome and I look forward to playing a game of Saga with them.

If you don’t know what Saga is, you can find an review HERE


Please let me know what you think of the army 😉

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