Historical wargaming, beer and great people :-)

Last saturday a group of men from the Facebookgroup “Dutch Miniature Wargaming”  got together in Zutphen to play Saga and try out War and Conquest to see if it eclipses Warhammer Ancient Battles… Even though we lost, the game is definitely better!

Together with someone else I’ve tried to kick an army of Saxons from an hill, but unfortunately we failed miserably… But the Romano-british will strike again!

It was a very fun day and I’ve met a lot of nice people whom I’ve only knew from the Facebookgroup. So thats awesome. There were some very amazing armies present like an Italian medievil army converted from old Warhammer Dogs of War miniatures (as an DoW collector, this excited my even more :p ) and two very nice looking Arthurian age armies.

War and Conquest definitely peaked my interest as its a refined version of Warhammer Ancient Battles. A game I enjoy playing, but always found it to be a bit on the slow and sometimes boring side. Combats which lasts for turns because your enemy and you don’t manage to break each others unit. As soon as I can get my hands on the book, I’ll write a review 😉

Here are some pictures to give you an idea how beautifull the miniatures were.Italian cavalry clash

charge the hill

the battlefieldUnfortunately, this got me excited to start another historical army, since I don’t like my Early Imperial Roman army that much. But what kind of army? Ancients? or Medieval? Choices… decisions…

If your a Dutch wargamer and would like to meet more fellow wargamers, you can find the Facebookpage HERE

For many more photographs of this fun day click HERE

But first, back to painting my mercs for Warmachine.


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