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How I painted my Warmachine Merc. miniatures

So with our Journeyman league up and running and everyone painting their miniatures and trying out their new armies, I’ve been painting my battle group too. But instead of my usual put a colour on, wash it and then done, I wanted to try something new for a chance.

For this army I wanted to try colours I’ve never really used before like white and yellow. So after consulting with my wife, who has a lot of experience with white paint, I started work on the first of my models. And this is how I painted my models 🙂

Rockram stage 1
I started by spraying the miniature with Desert Yellow, it’s a good base colou for both white and yellow, so that should speed things up a little.
Rockram stage 2
I always paint the metallic colours next, picking out parts with either chainmail or bronze to create some diversity. I wash the chainmail parts with black wash and the bronze parts with dark brown wash.


Rockram stage 3
Than I paint parts of the armour bleached bone, making sure the desert yellow stays visible in cracks or lower parts.
Rockram stage 4
Then I paint the parts of the armour with white, leaving some of the bleached bone visible and creating something like a shadow effect. The triangles I’ve painted yelow. Now all I have to do are the bases 🙂

I am not happy with the yellow yet, so I need some tips or tricks for that. But I am pleased with the result 🙂 The basing will be the same as with my Trollbloods, snow with some bushes to fill it up. This way I can easily swap mercs or minions between these two armies.

So, does anyone have any tips for painting yellow for me? If so, then please leave me a comment below 😉

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