Review: X-Wing

Yesterday I played a demo of X-Wing and now I can’t wait till I have my own fleet! What an awesome game! Very dynamic and easy to learn ๐Ÿ™‚ Just my kind of game.

Tie fighter and Interceptor
Some nice looking ships for the Imperials

First things first, the miniatures for x-wing are pre-painted. I’ve seen quite a lot of pre-painted miniatures in theย past (D&D minis, WoW miniature game and Mageknight) and they all looked pretty terrible! Many times you just had to re-paint them, but you first had to pay the price that comes with pre-painted :-/ But! the miniatures for x-wing are actually pretty good. Okay handpainted is still better looking, but even then, you can actually just enjoy the fact you don’t have to paint anything for this game and still have a nice looking fleet.

Models, stat cards, dice and movement dials

The game comes with a lot of tokens, movement markers and special dice and stuff. Which makes the game look very difficult at first glance, but actually just makes the whole game a lot smoother. Every ship comes with a pilot stat card (there are several different types of pilot per ship, like rookie x-wing pilots or Luke Skywalker) optional upgrade cards like missiles or R2 droids, a stat card for the base of the model and a turn dial.

The turn dial is a very nice feature of the game. Before the movment phase, you turn the dial to select your desired type of movement per ship. Then you lay the dial face down behind the ship and when all dials are done, you activate one ship at a time starting with the lowest pilot skill and execute the movement given on the dial. This means you can never expect what your opponent will do and you have to react to every new shift in positioning, just like a real dogfight ๐Ÿ™‚

Tie vs X-wing
head to head, toe to toe… in space

Shooting is also very easy with D8’s with different kinds of symbols on them (hit, crit, focus or blank on the red attack dice and dodge, focus or blank on the green defence dice). After movement you get to give your ship an order, like focus or dodge. Then in the shooting phase your can try to shoot with every ship starting with the one with the highest pilot skill on a nearby enemy. You roll the dice, count the hits and crits, if you gave the pilot an order to focus and you rolled a focus, you can spend that focus to gain an additional hit. Then your opponent rolls his defence dice, counts the dodges, substracts that from the number of hits and then see draw a number of damage cards correspondingly.

One more shot...
moments before the Interceptor is destroyed
Oh oooohw!
my last X-wing sandwiched between two Tie’s

You can customize your fleet every way you want, from different pilots for every ship, upgrades, ship types etcetera. Do you want an swarm of Tie fighters or a fulle maxed out Millenium Falcon? The choice is all yours ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve already bought my first X-Wing and will soon buy the starterbox, I’ll then have 2 X-wings which is a solid begin for my Rebelfleet.


And do you have any experience with X-wing? If so, please leave me a comment below ๐Ÿ˜‰



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