Charge of the Rockram

Rain down destruction on Cryxians

A couple of days ago I’ve played a game of Warmachine 35pts against a Cryx player from my club with my mercs as part of the running Journeyman League and was a bit skeptical about my chances. My past encounters with Cryx did not go well and I am still learning the tricks about my mercs. But it all went really well eventually.

My opponent army was led by pDeneghra and consisted of a Slayer and 2 chickens (forgot which ones) a unit of Mechanithralls, Necrosurgeon, Bane Thralls, Bile Thralls and some solo’s (also forgot :p)

My army was led by Durgen Madhammer andconsisted of a Wroughthammer Rockram, a Grundback Blaster and Gunner, Thor with a Basher, eEiryss, Rheinholdt, Dougal, Gorman, Gunmages and a small unit of Steelhead Halberdiers.

We decided not to play a scenario, but just go for a casterkill. After rolling initiative and deployment, we started the game.

I forgot to take pictures from the first couple of rounds, but it basically breaks down to

Madhammers troops manage to blast a lot of the Cryxians to dust

this: the forces of Cryx move towards me and I position my army in a semi circle, pop Madhammers feat (aoe’s gain an additional damage die) and then blast a part of his army to smithereens. With Primed Steelheads I ran them into some Mechanithralls who were creeping around on my right flank and chopped them up in very small pieces. Also one of the Bonejack chickens got destroyed.



Second targets
The Cryxians just huddle up to recieve me second barrage

My opponent then did something strange, instead of pulling his troops apart to make my aoe’s less effective, he clusters them all in the very same spot were his last troops got blown to pieces. Okay… He did manage to kill almost all my Steelheads, but with Primed on them, he lost more Mechanithralls then I did losing Steelheads :p At this point I started liking my faction even more.



Where did the Cryx go?
the Cryx are gone with the wind… of the explosions

So in my turn I buff up Madhammer with Rheinholdt and Dougal, cast Explosivo on the Rockram (his gun then becomes an aoe) and do a combined aoe attack with the Gunmages. All these aoe’s resulted in the total destruction of the remainder of his army. So now my opponent only has his caster and 2 jacks left and some single models on my right flank.

My opponent decided to play a lot more aggressive, he charges his Slayer into my Blaster but failes to destroy it. He then moves his other chicken close by and uses its Arc node to cast Deneghra’s spell Venom on Madhammer multiple times and damaging him halfway.

Charge of the Rockram
th Rockram charges the Slayer and and smashes it to pulp

In my next turn I cast Redline on the Rockram and Thor’s Pronto and charge the Slayer with a devastating amount of damage destroying him and the chicken nearby. On my right flank I slammed the Basher straight into the last models there and used his Flak attack to clear the remaining ones (pow 12 hits like a brick) I then moved Eiryss closer to Deneghra, hoping to get a sho at her, but did little damage.

In my opponents turn he knew that he’d been beat, so resolved to doing some more damage. Killing Eiryss and some Gunmages with her spells.

pDenny is down
Deneghra is down

Buffing up my Rockram with Pronto, I charged Deneghra after I took a couple of shots at her with various models, but doing not much damage. Since the Rockram has Assault, I fired of a shot and did massive damage killing her before the Rockram reached her. Woot!


It was a brutal slaughter but my opponent at least learned to fear the short ones… Mwoehahaha. Just kidding, fun game, great opponent who has a beautifull colourscheme for his Cryx and I’ve learned some new tricks with my mercs. The aoe of the Gunmages is just brutal, since its a Combined Ranged Attack. Pronto is a very nice Drive which goes great with the Rockram or Basher. And finally I am starting to like my own colourscheme more and more. At first I was a bit skeptical about it, but now I am just proud 😀


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