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Review: Dark Age hovels from 4GROUND

This week I picked up 2 4GROUND hovels  for my Saga games. These are MDF lasercut pre painted houses from 4Ground and I was very excited to build them and see if they truly are as easy to assemble as some people kept telling me. I bought the Anglo-Dane Hovel and the late Saxon Hovel

the contentI started with the late Saxon Hovel. Upon opening the package many parts immediately fell out of their board, which is a good thing in my opinion, meaning you don’t have to push hard to get the pieces out and the chance on damaging the parts. My wife found the patch of teddyfur a bit sad… Women…



AssemblyAssembly is very easy. You simply glue the other walls to the floor and then glue and slide the inner walls in place. It is advisable to dry fit the pieces first before glueing, this way you can see what the most logical procedure is.



The door is open
Yes, I am aware I glued the door the wrong way round…

The parts for the door and window are very detailed and gives the house a nice finishing touch.  The walls, both inside as outside are also very detailed with cracks and wooden beams, giving it a lifelike image.






Thatched roofsThe teddybear skinned thatch looks very odd when you finished glueing them to the roof. To give them a real thatched look, you’ll have to brush them flat with a watered down PVA wash. After 24hr of drying, it looks amazing.



Finished hovelsAnd the hovels are finished! They look stunning. And are indeed easy to assemble, especially when you’ve finished the first. A nice thing wargame wise is that you can easily remove the roof and place miniatures inside the house. The buildings are sturdy (as my cat Pim already proved) and light. I look forward to putting them on a gaming table and kill some Vikings before they can pillage and plunder!

I’ll post my assembly guide in the coming days, there are a couple of tips I want to give to you, so stay tuned for more 😉

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