Dark Age hovels

Tips for 4GROUND buildings

In my last post, I’ve reviewed some Dark Age buildings from 4GROUND and I definitely like them. They have great character and really give a sense of realisme to your battlefield. But during assembly I did come across a few quirks which I wanted to share with you.

dry fiting 4GROUNDThe first tip I want to give you is to dry fit the walls before applying glue. The walls connect pretty simple and this is a great and safe way to see how you can best glue the walls in place, especially concerning the order of assembly. And during dry fitting, you get to see how simple assembly can be.


Wrong way doorLike I said in my review, I glued the parts of the door on the wrong side… Unfortunately, you can’t simply flip the door round, since it won’t fit the doorframe anymore. So before gluing in the bars and handle, look how the door fits!



Thatched roofsI did not notice is on time with my first roof, but the teddyfur “grows” in one direction, so stupid me, I glued one side on upside down. This will make creating the thatched look more difficult to accomplish, since you have to reverse the flow of the fur. And lastly, don’t let the roofs dry on a paper/cardboard surface! Because, once the PVA-wash dries, it will stick to the paper/cardboard and you can’t pry it loose without ripping parts of the surface with you. I had to remove the cardboard with clippers… Giving the thatched teddyfur a late haircut :p


So hopefully you are not as me concerning 4GROUND buidings and if you think you are, I hope you you will find my tips usefull.

If you haven’t, read my review for these hovels HERE! 

And what is your terrain blunder?

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