Kraken at the gates

How to fail at a game of Warmachine

You win some, you lose some and sometimes, you completely fail some… Apologies to my opponent.

I recently bought some mercs from a friend of mine, Nyss Hunters, Hawk, Stannis and a Bokur and wanterd to field the Nyss Hunters in my next game. So together with my standard Madhammer format (switching the lights and Steelheads for th Nyss) I went with good hearth and confidence into the battle.

My opponent played Cryx led by Skarre with a Kraken Colossal a fully stacked unit of Satyxis Raiders and Blood Witches and a Necrosurgeon and a finally a Skarlock Solo.

Mercs taking up positionSo after the roll off I decided to go first and deployed my troops. We played the Incursion scenario with deathclock. I started my turn by moving my troops forward and take up position to fire at my opponents troops. Mistake 1: I totally forgot that Satyxis Raiders can move an extreme distance in the first turn and I moved my troops way to close. I also cast Primed on the Nyss Hunters.

AOE's won't hit 'emMy mistake became evident when he managed to run some of his Raiders into combat range with a couple of Gun Mages. Gun Mages simply suck in combat and the ones who were not in combat could’nt hit anything, because Raiders have Def 20 in combat against shooting… The remainder of his army kept moving forward on his right flank.


Satyxis Raiders won't dieIn my second turn I wanted to shoot something realy bad. My Hunters shot down some Raiders and my Wroughthammer failed. In a desperate attempt to free the Gun Mages I had Gorman throw a Blind Bomb into the combat. Mistake 2: because of the afore mentioned Def 20 of the Raiders I failed to hit of course and ended up blinding 2 Raiders and 2 Gun Mages… The Mages did manage to kill one Raider.

I had Madhammer fire his AOE’s into the Raiders. Mistake 3: because of the Sea Witch, the Raiders were immune to blast damage, so after 4 AOE’s I didn’t kill a single one of them. I did let Epic Eiryss run towards the forest near my opponents deployment zone hoping that in my next turn I could moce her behind the Kraken and disrupt Focus spending.

At this moment one of the onlookers mentioned the game is as good as over now for me… Thanks mate!

My opponent started his turn by popping Skarre’s feat and buff up the Raiders giving them 5 damage dice on the charge… OUCH! He charged my Gun Mages, killing three of themincluding the Officer and charged  both my Jacks. Despite the high Arm of the ‘Jacks he managed to destroy the Wroughthammers Pulverizer. He moves his Blood Witches to hunt down Eiryss

After that he shot with his Kraken at my Nyss Hunters killing half of them and then Primed triggered… Mistake 4!

Kraken at the gates
The Nyss Hunters stand their ground against the Kraken
Primed kills
The battlefield glows by the Primed exploded Nyss

There he comes

In my turn I manage to kill some Raiders with my Jacks and Madhammer and move my Gun Mages into combat but fail to do anything. I lose Eiryss to a devastating free strike.

My opponent charges the Kraken into my Wroughthammer and leaves him with one box standing. Instead he focusses his remaining attacks onto my Caster, killing him in two hits.

What can I say? I made a mess of it. Kudoos to my opponent for taking optimal advantage of my every mistake and weaknesses.

What have I learned? Primed is not necessary for the Nyss, with Combined Ranged Attacks you can be devastating enough. And when facing Satyxis Raiders, hold back to get that shot. And if you see a Sea Witch, kill her as soon as possible and then destroy the rest with AOE’s.

Learn from my mistakes and happy gaming 😉


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