Ninja raid at the Ducosim

Yesterday I went to the Ducosim convention in Amersfoort (NL). A convention mostly for boardgamers but with a side reserved for wargames and their gamers. Here I met up with “Pijlie” from Pijlie’s Wargames Blog to play his custom build Ninja raid scenario using the Ronin rulesset from Osprey.

Japanese mansionI managed to play 2 games on this beautifully self made mansion. The objective of the ninja player is to kill the Daimyo by any means necessary.

The objective of the Daimyo and Samurai is to keep the Daimyo alive either by finishing off all the ninja or by letting the Daimyo escape from the mansion into the blackness of the night.


Covered roomsThe mansion also had an amazingly neat feature. Not only can the roofs be removed to allow play inside, but every room is still invisible for the ninja until they enter it and see the inside for themselves. The Samurai player decided before the game in which rooms Samurai and peasants were sleeping/loitering.


Samurai in the gardenMy first game started with me surrounding the garden from multiple sides with my ninja and trying to kill the single Samurai on patrol there with blowpipe darts… and failing miserably. Unfortunately, the Samurai noticed a man hanging upside down from the garden wall and raised the alarm, foiling my first attempt to kill my target. (before the alarm is raised, patrolling Samurai roll a scatter die to see were they are going next)

BuddhaIn my second attempt I tried to do the same and managed to kill the Samurai with the poisoned dart, securing the garden for my ninja and walking around freely without chance of discovery. I started by opening the first 2 rooms and discovering sleeping peasants in one and a Buddha in the other room.


Samurai and MasterThe remaining ninja open the last door adjacent to the garden and find it filled with Samurai and a Samurai Sensei… O dear!




Smoke bombLuckily, one of my ninja had a smoke bomb and before the alarm was raised, he threw the bomb into the room and disoriented the Samurai.

Now the remaing ninja could walk freely through the room and opened the door on the other side…


the DaimyoOnly to find the Daimyo and his wife fully awake! Very unheroic-like, the Daimyo starts to run away waking up the Samurai in the next room. His wife on the other hand throws herself into the ninja only to recieve a blow to the head, stunning her in the process.


to many SamuraiFrom this point onwards, things start to look grimm for my band of ninja. The whole mansion is now roused and the Daimyo simply runs straight for the gate of the mansion, ou of the reach of my ninja.




more smoke bombsI throw my remaining two smoke bombs into the Samurai-filled rooms to make good my escape. But then something unexpected happens…





girl powerThe wife of the Daimyo manages to kill the nearest ninja… Never underestimate a woman interrupted!

The scenario was great fun to play and I really like the narrative of such scenarios. Now I am realy motivated to make something similar lik this myself in the near future 😀


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