Saga at Impact 2014

So last Sunday I went all the way to Uden (a few hours drive from my place) to set up a demo table and play a couple of games of Saga. The visitors were few, but of fun, there was a lot! ;-D

The Hired Guns gamingclub organises this event for the last couple of years now and it’s growing rapidly in size. Different traders, painters and wargamer were present to buy, sell, discuss and of course play with amazingly painted miniatures on equally amazing tables.

Ferasome Norman commandersI’ve played 2 demo’s and 1 standard game of Saga. In the first demo I played aginast a fellow Dutch Miniature Wargamer (DMW) and his young son. They played the Normans and so I fielded the Anglo-Danish. Initially they managed to take a heavy blow on my Warriors, but I managed to make a comeback with my Warlord and Hearthguard and destroyed their Warriors. But they managed to get their Hearthguard into my Warlord using a “we obey” and finished him off. So congratulations to my opponents.


Battle in the villageMy second demo went a little better. Again my opponent wanted to play the Normans and managed to get to grips with my troops early on. But after a couple of battles both our troops were greatly reduced, so in order to snatch victory, I attacked his Warlord with mine… and we managed to kill each other, making it a draw. But still, my opponent, unskilled in Saga as he was, did choose some nice combinations on the battleboard.

deployment is readyAnd finally I played a 6-point battle against a tried and tested opponent with his Norman army. I took to the table my Anglo-Saxon army with three Warrior units, a small unit of mounted Hearthguard and a unit of Angry Monks. So in the first turn I wanted to move my troops forward to get to grips with his troops as soon as possible. But against 2 units of bow-armed Levies coupled with a few abilities from the battleboard, my troops were severely thinned out.

My line is fragmentedBy the time the first unit arrived, they had accumulated so much fatique that in battle my Warriors could’nt finish of the Levies.




The Normans move forwardAnd then came his Hearthguard charging forward and smashing my Warriors to bits. I did manage to take some with me, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually, the monks have to move forward in an attempt to defend my Warlord against enemy forces.


My Warlord fallsEventually even the Angry Monk, angry they are, they couldn’t keep my Warlord save. A good game, I certainly have some new insights in the Anlo-Saxon way of battle. Just swarm your enemy with Warriors!



Like I said, it was a fun day and I do think I will be there next year.

For more pictures of Impact, check out the Bite the Dice Facebookpage

And how did you enjoy Impact? Let me know in the comments below.



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