Halfaug league tournament: Round 1

So our group of Warmachine players got their hands on the Season 2 league-kit Halfaug, but since no-one actually wanted to play an league, we decided to play a paired tournament stretched over the next three weeks.

So you have a whole week to plan your battle against the opponent you are paired against. After three weeks/rounds we should have a decisive winner. So in the first week/round I was paired against a friend of mine with his Retribution of Scyrah.

Since I want to get a lot of play time with my Blindwater army, I decided to take two lists, one led by Bloody Barnabas,  the second led by Rask.

We played Incursion with deathclock and my opponent played Issyria and I took my Rask list.

Gators vs Scyrah My Rask list had 2 full units of Posse, 2 Bull Snappers, Witch Doctor, a small unit of Ambushers and Wrong Eye and Snapjaw proxied by Calaban and a Wrastler.

My opponents army led by Issyria consisted out of the following: Phoenix, Full unit of Mage Hunter Infiltrators led by Eiryss3, a full unit of Sentinels, 2 Mage Hunter Assassins and Narn and the Fane Knight. After deployment, we both moved our troops forward and kept glaring threatingly at each other across the table.

Come at me broIn the second turn I deployed my Bog Trog Ambushers on my right flank and charged them straight into Narn, chopping him up in pieces. The Phoenix took a few shot at my left flank Posse and killed one. I also forgot to discar one Fury from Wrong Eye, so Snapjaw had to make a threshold check and failed, charging the nearest Gatormen…

My opponent then charged forward with the Sentinels and Infiltrators, but unfortunately for him, couldn’t get everyone into combat.

Battle is metBut that didn’t stop him from killing some Gators… Sentinels are great units with Reach and Weapon Master to deal out 4 dice of damage on the charge. And Defensive Line boosts their survival chance and coupled with the Officers Vengeance, you can dish out even more damage. A good unit in my opinion.


lines are thinningIn my turn, I attack the Sentinels and Infiltrators, but forgot to boost my Posse fighting the Sentinels with Fury from Rask, so I did not kill everyone I wanted. My Bog Trogs were now to far away to be of any use and ganged on a single Sentinel and killing him. Snapjaw did kill a Assassin and some Infiltrators.


Fane KnightMy opponent pushed on with his Sentinels and Mage Hunter Assassin on my right flank and managed to kill some more Gators and a Bull Snapper. The Fane Knight charged Snapjaw and killed him fast enough due to damage it had recieved earlier on. Having an attack to spare, he could reach the other Bull Snapper and killed it too! Depriving all me from all of my transfer targets…

Rask is finishedA hole in my line was now opened and the remaining Infiltrators charged Rask who still had a lot of Fury tokens on him. And due to the Infiltrators rules of Gang, Mage Hunter and Aracne Assassin, Rask was a bloody pile of fishbones within seconds…



I still have to learn how to play with Blindwater, I forgot some rules during play or saw combinations to late. Well I guess I’ll just have to play more 😉

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