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Halfaug league tournament: round 2

In round 2 of our Halfaug league tournament I had to play against Vlad3, that’s a lot of horsies!For this battle I choose my other list, led by BLoody Barnabas. It consists of a Blackhide Wrastler, 2 Bull Snappers, 2 Gatormen Posses, 2 Croak Hunters, a Witch Doctor and a Feralgeist.

My opponent had with him a unit of Uhlans, Beast 09, Drakhun, eEiryss, Fenris, Kovnik Markov and a Wardog.

ArmycreepWe played Scenario 11 Into the Breach. After the roll off and deployment, I started my first turn. I moved my troops forward with a Posse on either side. I wanted to use my Croak Hunters to kill one of the solo’s, preferably Fenris, since he has lower armour than the rest.

My oppenent moves his troop forward to and moves his Uhlans into the zone.

Defend!In the second turn I take up defensive positions with my Posses behind the swamppits and protect my objective. Unfortunately, I forgot that in my opponents turn, he can score points for the zone.┬áThe first Croak hits the Drakhun for one point, the second however triggers the Drakhuns counter-charge and he and his horsie kills both my little frogs…

Charge of the UhlansMy opponent charges my left flank Posse with his Uhlans after poppoing Vlads feat, giving the Uhlans Side Step and Sprint. After killing 2 Gatormen and heavily damaging the others, he uses Side Step to move them out of harms way.

At the end of his turn, he score 2 Control Points for dominating the zone.

Gatormen strike backIn my third turn I had part of my right flank Posse to charge the Uhlans and the others to set up a defensive screen against the solos treatening my front. The charge was succesfull and I managed to kill 2 of the riders. One of my Bull Snappers ran straight into the zone, hoping to survive whats coming and prefend my opponent from scoring more points.

More Uhlan chargesMy opponent decided to attack me from two sides, the Uhlans in my left flank and the Drakhun in my front. Luckily they both flunked their attacks a bit, or the Witchdoctors Zombify spell helped keep my Gators alive.

Beast 09 charged and killed the Bull Snapper, giving my opponent again 2 Control Points. One more point and he would win.

Hold the Gatormen lineIn the following turn I charged the Drakhun with my Wrastler and knocked him off his horse… and out of my reach :-/ My Gatormen make short work of the remaining Uhlans and I run one forward to hopefully stall Beast 09 and some Posse stand in the zone to denial my opponent any more Control Points.


Beast 09 wins the gameMy opponent charges Posse with Vlad and Fenris, killing them, while Markov kills the Gatormen holding Beast 09, securing the zone for himself. Beast 09 than charges my objective and destroys it, granting my opponent 3 extra Control Points for a total of 7 CP!

It was a fun, but brutal battle. I still feel that I am being not aggressive enough with my army. Gatormen have additional charge bonusses against living models and Iplay a bit to much in my Trollblood fashion.

Unfortunately, someone withdrew from the league, leaving it with an uneven number of players. And since I am lowest in ranking, I have a buy in the third round and no game the coming week :’-(

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