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Kickstarter review: Fallen Frontiers

I mostly play fantasy and historical miniature games, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like sci-fi. I love games and settings with alien civilizations and futuristic combat. And there is now a Kickstarter running with a selection of very beautifully sculpted miniatures and interesting gameplay… Fallen Frontiers by Scale Games

Fallen FrontiersIn Fallen Frontiers you choose a leader and support him/her with a selection of squads. The squads however get different statistics depending on your leader, to emphasize the difference in strategies between leaders.

Furthermore the game is supported by a personal deck of cards to create an even deeper level of strategy, since your opponent cannot know what cards you’ve put in your deck.

And then there are 2 action pools, Morale and Krithium. Morale show how your troops function and can give you bonusses and debuffs regading. Krithium is scattered across the battlefield and you need to spent those to activate certain abilities and cards. These rules make for a very interesting gameplay and high tactical decision making.


Fallen Frontiers terrainThe miniatures are all made of high quality plastic and are of very good detail. Personally I like the Riffs  (aliens) best. The other factions style have been seen and done before in my opinion.

The terrain is very interesting, since its made by the latest trend of durable hard cardboard and both sides are printed. So you can have different graphic options for every piece of terrain.

So if you like a challenging futuristic miniature game, then go to Kickstarter and back this project!

What is your opinion about Fallen Frontier? Let me know in the comments below 😉

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  1. Unfortunately, Scale Games had this project cancelled, after people withdrew their pledge… Looking forward to the moment they restart this project!

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