Kickstarter review: Nemesis, Rise of the Juggers

I have had my eye on Nemesis by Zenit Miniatures for many years now. I like the sculpts very much, though I hardly know anything about the rules. Especially the Orphan miniatures are way to awesome! And now there is a Kickstarter running to flesh out the factions with new miniatures and one gigantic monster.

Rocavivas JuggerPersonally, I like the look of the sculpts and concept art for the new miniatures a lot, though some could be better, like the Orphans Jugger is  bit weird in my opinion…

The Juggers are huge and a challenge to paint for anyone! I certainly would look up to the challenge :p

Orphans JuggerAbout the Kickstarter, there are a lot of pledge levels, all with free world wide shipping and EU- friendly! There are pledges for one or more Juggers only plus Kickstarter extras or to get your hands on an entire army with one of the Core Set pledges.

Personally I’d like to pledge for this project, but don’t know which pledge level yet. Especially the free shipping part draws me towards Nemesis instead of Drakerys. I don’t like paying shipping :p

If you want to know more about Nemesis, the rulebook is free to download from their site  HERE

If you want to check out or pledge this Kickstarter, click HERE

Are you going to pledge for Nemesis? Let me know in the comments below 😉

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