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Nemesis backed and pledged!

Woohoo! Together with a friend and my wife, we took the Zenit Level pledge to support the Nemesis Kickstarter. I can’t wait to get started with the miniatures!

Like I said in my Kickstarter Review, I really like the look of the Orphans and Rocavivas, but since my friend is taking the Rocavivas, the Orphans will be mine. My wife yet again baffled me with her faction choice, she’s going for the Thousand Faces Cult. The last time she choose a faction I didn’t expect was Ogre Kingdoms for Warhammer :p

Since we decided to go for a Core set, we not only get one of the new Juggers, but also a load of miniatures and all the Kickstarter goodies… We’ll have to share though :p

If you haven’t checked the Kickstarter out yet, click HERE!

Here is a look to show you what a Core set compromises off.

Orphans core set

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