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Witchfinder General: Summoning in the woods

During our last Wargame Beer with the Dutch Miniature Wargaming Facebookgroup, I’ve played my first games of Witchfinder General. I have the rulebook myself, but didn’t have a chance to play. Pijlie from Pijlie’s Wargames Blog¬†supplied the miniatures and scenario for this tactical and fun game.

The objective of the game for the Witches was to summon a Great Beast during nightfall (which could happen at the third turn) and than to keep the Beast alive during the battle. The objective of the Witchfinders was to prevent the Beast from summoning and failing that, to kill the Beast. Since you have to play a scenario two times (it’s a fast game, so no worries) and play as both sides once, I decided to play as the Witchfinders first.

Summoning in the woods game 1In the middle of the table were ruins with 4 Witches in them surrounded by a loyal group of Blinder soldiers led by a Captain. My Witchfinder troops had to plit up, with my Pikemen and Musketeers on one edge and my Dragoons on the other.

I started my turn by marching all my troops towards the ruins as fast as possible. My opponent moved her troops to intercept  both my advances with a combination of Musketeers and Pikemen.

Cackling WitchAfter mutiple exchanges of musket fire and a couple of kills, one of the Witches leaves her Coven and flies on her broomstick to attack the Witchfinder himself!

Luckily, My Witchfinder survives this madness and is out for revenge.

But time is running out!

the coven under fireIn a desperate attempt to stop the Summoning from happening, move a couple of my Musketeers forward and fire straight into the Witches… failing to kill even one!

All the while, the Blinders are taking their toll on my Pikemen and Musketeers. Luckily my Dragoons manage to hold their ground.

Witchfinder chargingDesperate to stop the Summoning, I charge my Witchfinder straight into the Coven and fire my pistols empty!

Killing one of the Witches. Unfortunately this didn’t stop the Summoning from happening and the Great Beast growled into existence. The Beast than grabs the Witchfinder and tears him into shreds.

Last momets of the WichfinderMy Musketeers try to hold off the Beasts and fail that too. Things are starting to look grimm. But than the valiant Dragoons charge straight throught the scattering Witches and into the Beasts back and kills him on the spot. Granting me my first victory!

Its my turn to be the Witches now!

Blinders hold the wallsI decided to hold the ruined walls with my Blinders on two spots. Granting me and a better defense save and an open view of the surroundings.

The Witchfinders move through the woods and start to open fire from the forests edge. After multiple turns, the casualties amongst the Witchfinders were higher than mine.

Witch in waitingWitches can drop bombs while flying, so used this with almost all of the Witches. Unfortunately all the bombs were wet or something, because not a single one actually exploded…

It was almost time for the summoning and I still had all of my Witches and had reduced the Witchfinders forces quite a bit.

the Great Beast summonedThe Summoning was done and instead of using the Great Beast to attack, I hid him behind the ruins, using my Witches and Blinders to dish out the damage. Eventually, I won the game!

I want to thank Pijlie and his wife for a very fun and challenging game and of course to the host and hostess for another great dinner and day at their place!

More picture of the Witchfinder battles can be found on the Facebookpage.

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