Changes regarding wishes and promises

Sometimes, you just have to make some decisions in life… and in wargaming.

First and foremost are my Warmachine and Hordes games. I stil really like the game, but I doubt I will ever be one of the guys with the prizes. My wife recntly told me that she can see that I take more delight in fun casual games than in competitive games and after much consideration, she is right, I do like fluffy games and big battles where you can take your time playing. I am not saying I won’t be attending tournaments anymore, but an occasional win during a tournament would be nice. Since I haven’t played in a tournament or other form of competitive play since the EU Masters last year due to taking care of my wife, I decided not to go this year. I simply don’t have the time and energy to paint and playtest my Blindwater in the next months. But next year I will be there!

I also started selling my entire Trollbloods army. I know I have said it before somewhere, but the army is just not compatibel with my playstyle. The money is going to be spend on my Blindwater, historical miniatures and my Crisis shoppinglist :p (and ice cream with this hot weather)

And lastly, I will spend more time and energy in historical wargaming. I really want to do something with the Anglo-Zulu war and I want to collect a new Ancients army. An Epirus or Athenian greek army or Ancient Germans, I don’t know yet… The new Republican Romans from Victrix also look very tempting :p

Hopefully I will still write articles that will take your fancy 😉

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