Troggs and Calaban


So last week I’ve played a battle against my fellow Minion player, my Gators against his Farrow. We agreed some time ago that we will be playing more battles against each other to see who’s the best beastie there is. (best minion sounds a it weird…) Also a nice excuse for making meaty references 😀

Gatormen armyI decided to give Calaban another try, generally seen as the weakest of the Blindwater caster, spells like Parasite, Carnivore and Bone Shaker, he can dish out quite some damage. And in his feat turn, he can keep on casting Bone Shaker mutiple times! To support Calaban I choose 2 units of Posse, 1 unit of Bog Troggs, Wrastler, Bull Snapper and a Witch Doctor.

Black FarrowMy opponent choose Dr. Arkadius as his caster. A nasty caster with spells like Cripling Grasp and Forced Evolution and his feat to let every warbeast frenzy is also very nasty! He choose to bring with him a Warhog, 2 Gunboars, Rorsh & Brine, 2 units of Slaughterhousers and Alten Ashley.

First turn


We rolled for scenario and got Close Quarters, one big controlzone in the middle and a objective marker on either side.  I rolled for first turn. And the first turn went like so many others… I move forward, he moves forward… I look at my cards, he looks at his… Not very interesting really.


ChargefailThe second turn however was more interesting. I started with my Posse on my right flank and hoped to reach his Slaughterhousers with my 12″ threat range… Only two made it and chopped up the chops. My Posse on my left flank didn’t even reach a single Farrow. I let my Bog Trogs Ambush on the right flank and made short work of Alten Ashley.

charge of the hogsIn my opponents turn the Slaughterhousers charge my Posses and manage to kill three of them on both flanks (he also had to charge in his Warhog on my right flank) and Brine charges my Wrastler, luckily filing to kill me.

This isn’t going well for me…

kill failIn my turn, I activate Calaban and pop my feat, giving me a furytoken for every kill my army makes. Then, casting Bone Shaker, I kill a Slaughterhouser and then take control of him making him fail his attack on Arkadius. My left flank Posse fail to kill, ut my right flank Posse manages to wound the Warhog severely. I threw my Bull Snapper on Rorsh, killing him and making Brine disappear. What I didn’t know was that Brine got to make a last attack and with that he killed my Wrastler! The Bog Troggs start to swarm the Slaughterhousers on my right flank.

dirty Farrow!Retribution for my opponent, since my Posse are wounded, he gets to roll extra dice on his damage rolls with his Slaughterhousers. Auch! He charges his Gunboar into my Bull Snapper, killing him quickly. So with no more Posse left, things are not looking all that good for me! Also he dominates the zone for 2 Control Points.

Bog Troggs for the win!In my turn I decided to charge a Farrow with my Witch Doctor to buy me some time… or something. While my Bog Troggs easily managed to kill the Warhog and remaining Slaughterhousers on my right flank, balancing the battle for me.



Calaban lostBut my opponent finishes the Witch Doctor and then uses one of his Gunboars to kill the Bog Troggs inside the zone, letting his other Gunboar charge my objective, destroy it and together with dominating, scoring enough Control Points to win the scenario.


It was a good and fun battle, especially the fact that it could go either way the entire battle. I still believe Calaban has potential, but perhaps that he needs a different army composition to really shine. Slaughterhousers are a hard hitting unit and in my opinion really worth considering taking them as minions in other armies, especially Skorne.

Hope you liked the battle report and leave me a message if you think you have a nice build for Calaban 😉

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