Zenit level pledge

Nemesis is funded!

I’ve already said it on my Facebookpage, but I wanted to show you what I will be recieving and what my plans will be for my Orphans army.

Since I backed this Kickstarter with two others, we took the Zenit level pledge (coïncedentally, the Zenit level example displays the three factions chosen by us :p) giving us three full core sets with heroes, both normal and legenday, Troops and Marksmen and monsters or warmachines, depending on the faction.

Orphans ScarabThe Orphans dress themselves as bugs, so I want to use bright colours on them. Also, since they’re children, they would choose bright clothes and mismatched clothes if they could. How I want to paint the Jugger I don’t know yet, but it will be covered in childrens carvings and drawings :p Besides my core set, I also added an extra unit of Drones (kids dressed as bees) to give me some crowd control since they slow down enemy troops after a hit with their stinger.

Nemesis MercsSince there are also a couple of mercs funded during the Kickstarter, we will be recieving these as extras too. We yet have to fight amongst ourselves to decide who gets what. I really want the snakelady ­čÖé

Every merc also comes with their own scenario. Like the Notalive one called Glaucos the Damned (the flying skull) who you have to defend long enough so he can summon the abberaton called Garrul, which is a all eating terror on the battlefield.

Additionally, we will also recieve an old man sniper with a monkey on his back…

I honestly can’t wait till November to start painting and playing this game, I really am super excited!

Do you play Nemesis or have you backed the Kickstarter? Please let me know in the comments below.

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