a wookie in space!

I love X-Wing a lot as a game and if you have been following my Facebookpage, you would have seen quite a couple of pictures of the battles I’ve played. But I didn’t make a battle report yet, so here it goes! Rebels vs Rebels.

A big x-wing tableUnfortunately I forgot which pilots my opponent had :p I do know he had a Y-wing, X-wing, B-wing and a Z-95. ย My fleet consisted of Chewbacca in the YT-1300 with Weapons Expert (2 target locks, Veteran Instincts (+2 pilot skill) and Cluster Missiles (2 attacks with missiles). Tycho in a A-wing with Push the Limit (I can always take 2 actions and perform as normale with stress) and finally a X-wing rookie pilot.

Tycho tokened upWe had a big cluster of asteroids in the middle, so I deployed all my ships on my left flank and wanted to move them all together around the asteroids… Yeah right. In my second turn I immediatly threw my X-wing and Chewie straight through the asteroidfield, forcing my opponent to do the same. Hehehe :p Tycho with Push the Limit is a really fun combo.

x-wing clusterf***But then comes the hardest part of my plan, my opponent surrounds me and starts firing on my ships, almost taking away all the shields from all of my ships. He even positiones his B-wing in front of Chewie so he can only move straight into it… It all one big clusterf***! ย The Y-wing had a Ion Cannon, making my A-wing less effective since he can only move 1 forward…

end of the x-wing clusterf***But now it is my turn ๐Ÿ˜€ and I manage to hit with all dice on every roll for two consecutive turns, destroying his X-wing and removing most of the shields from the other ships. At this point my opponent grabs his hair and starts “calling “hot dice”… nah, I was just lucky :p

I send my X-wing to hunt the Z-95 and my A-wing has yet again Ion…

Chewie winsMy opponent got a critical on his B-wing which got him to roll 1 less die on attack rolls. My X-wing finishes the Z-95. His Y-wing give Chewie Ion, but it is not enough. With only 4 attacks a turn left, he admits defeat.

It was a nice quick game with a surprising ending. I really though I was done for when I got surrounded and stuck into a asteroid. I so love Chewbacca who simply ignore critical hit effects ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, it was more of an impression than an actual battle report, but I hope you like it nonetheless ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is your favourite build for the Millenium Falcon/YT-1300? I realy want to know, since I am still searching for a good build. Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “a wookie in space!

  1. The pilots were:
    Y-wing: Dutch Vander
    Z95: Blount
    X-wing: Garven Dreis
    B-wing: Dagger Squadron

    Nice game and a win. I lost last week from the same list :(. But he prevented my E-wing from pushing the limits, so I was kind of stuck with it.

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