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We all know Dungeons & Dragons and many of us knows there have been quite some miniature games set in the D&D universes too. Like Dungeon Commander and D&D mini’s. But Whizkids has announced a new game in which the mighty dragons soar through the skies and do battle which each other. Today I will take a look at all that has been shown

D&D AW Red-DragonWell first up are the miniatures and I find the dagons cool looking. There is a distinctive difference in quality of the pre-painted big guys. While the Red dragon and Green dragon looks really good, the Blue dragon has a childrens toy feeling to it. Of course you can always repaint them, but I am just to lazy for that :p

Some of the metallic dragons are beautifully sculpted, but the metallic paintjob gives them a slightly unfinished look.

Overall, you can get much worse for pre-painted miniatures. And a few small touches of the paintbrush might right some wrongs.

D&D AW Silver-DragonRuleswise I can only say one thing, if you know how to play X-Wing, you know how to play this game. The similarities are way to many. You use dials to secretly plot your flightpath, you use rulers to execute those moves choosen, you roll D8 with exactly the same symbols for hits, crits and focus. Even the actions choosen are very similar.

D&D AW Green-DragonLikewise is the fact that you can upgrade your dragons with upgradecards, like extra armor or better breath attacks. There are a few diferences though. Unlike shields in X-Wing, armor is not discarded, but substracts the damage rolled. Armor can be destroyed using certain abilities. And the dragons can land and fight on the ground, there are no miniatures to show they are walking, but there are 2 sets of movement dials, one for flying and one for walking. In future expansions there will also be ground troops, a move I would rather see undone, because I like the idea of battling dragons, but soldiers and heroes vs dragons is not something new…

Personally, I am a bit skeptical, the game is basicaly the same as X-Wing, and as you can see in my X-Wing review, I really like that game. So this game will play great too. Even though the quality of the dragons may differ, I do believe that it will look amazing when you have a couple of these big boys on a table. What I am skeptical about are the upcoming ground troops, I saw a ballista preview shot once and it’s just hideous to see such models on the type of bases they use for these games. The bases are excellent if your miniature is hovering a couple of inches above them, not glued right on.

Will I play this game? It depends, I do believe my wife would like the dragon feel and if I can play against people who would not want to field the ground troops, I might be tempted to get the starterset.

What are your thoughts about D&D Attack Wing? Share them with me by leaving a comment below 😉



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