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Arrr… or something like that :p Like many young boys I liked stories about pirates, the danger, the adventures and the ship battles. Well, I’ve never actually outgrown this fondness for the scurvy dogs of the sea and I am on the look out for piraty miniature games. And my eyes caught sight of some lost gold…

Ron&BonesRon & Bones was a miniature/cardgame published by Tale of War. The miniature were very extravagant in their design with very cool dynamic poses. The range was sold to CoolMiniOrNot and they went out and turned it into a MOBA-style game.

A Moba(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a style of computergame in which two teams made up of 5 players each controlling a hero fight each other on maps with a couple of lanes to move through. The objective is to control the lanes and ultimately destroy your opponents base, but you will have work together and have a good strategy in order to complete this, since each lane is also filled with towers and random monsters. The best know MOBA’s are League of Legends (LoL) and Dota2.

Rum and BonesCoolMiniOrNot really gave the game a Moba feel. The battlefield are two ships boarding each other with the gangplanks making up the lanes. The heroes have only been previewed in artwork form, but if they look anything like the old miniatures, it will all be good 😀

Gameplay wise from what I’ve read so far looks very promising. With well balanced classes and an on the spot levelling system in which you use “Pieces of Eight” to buy additional abilities and equipment for your heroes during the game. And this game also comes with Creeps, lesser fighters who simply run up a lane and attack the first enemy in sight. And you can even upgrade these to make them stronger.

Bone Devil Rum and BonesThe heroes are devided in several classes, Damage dealers, support and tanks who soak up the damage. The box comes with two factions, the Bone Devils, which are basically undead pirates, my favourite :p and the Wellsport Brotherhood, which are your generic lovable seafaring raskals.

The look of this game is very promising and I will definitely keep my eyes open for  more about this game, I read it will probably be a Kickstarter. Perhaps it is time to start drinking rum, just to get acquinted with the taste of course 😉

Do you like pirates? And are you excited about this game? If so, leave me a comment below.

Also check out the teaser trailer.



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