Dev blog Decurion #1: Join me with the development!

Today I will give you a glimpse on my first very own miniaturegame rulesset named Decurion, a skirmish game set in the Early Imperial days of Ancient Rome. This game is all about the small battles and trouble the Auxillia had with barbarians in the far corners of the Roman Empire.

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As a child I was always designing games with paper or lego figures on chess boards (I made my first dungeon crawler that way when I was 11, long before I even knew what dungeon crawling was :p ) Somehow I lost this love of creating. I did design a couple of scenarios and campaigns for Warhammer and a few other games, but that’s about it. But this year I had an identity crisis regarding the work I do, I didn’t want to keep doing this kind of work anymore, but I also didn’t know what I would like to do. Eventually my wife asked me what I really enjoyed doing and that made me wonder, “what do I really enjoy doing?” And so I thought back to the time of paper, lego and chessboards. Now, a couple of months later, I present to you a first look at my very first rulesset, Decurion!

Decuron WarlordSo what’s it all about? Well, Decurion is an easy to learn and fast to play skirmish game using 28mm Roman Auxillia and pitching them against barbarian tribes during the early day of the Roman Empire. The game uses a single die system, meaning that for any action, you only have to roll a single die to perform that action. The game only has 3 statistics. “Combat” or “C”, the statistic that shows what score you need to roll in order to make a succesfull attack. To counter this there is “Defense” or “D”, after a model has been hit, you make a defense roll to cancel that hit. and finally there is Morale. Intimidation and loss of troops can be  devastating for morale, so keep your troops motivated to fight! Usually by destroying as many enemies as you can :p

Alpha phase

The rulesset is still in its alpa phase and needs a lot of playtesting and that’s where you can come in! If you want to give Decurion a try and want to help me fine tune the game and contribute to the development process of Decurion than subscribe to my newsletter below. You will receive the latest version of the alpha rules in PDF form every week when the newsletter is published. On October the 17th 2014 the the alpha phase will end with the lastest edition of the rules at that moment, people will still have two weeks afterwards to send me their feedback.

If you have any questions beforehand regarding Decurion, do not hesitate to ask them either by posting a comment below or using the contactform

Thank you very much and I am very excited to be hearing from you 🙂



The first version of the alpha rules will be send to all the newsletter subscribers this friday (19 September 2014)


5 thoughts on “Dev blog Decurion #1: Join me with the development!

  1. Sounds good! I have the same identity crisis regarding work (and in my case education), so I can relate to you and love the way you’re going now. So I wish you a lot of luck.
    (I am looking into opening my own shop, but there are so many challenges to overcome. =P )

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