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Star Wars Imperial Assault preview

I am a true Star Wars fan, did I ever mention that? Seen al the movies way to many times, played a lot of the computergames and I am very happy with Fantasy Flight Games giving extra love to the franchise with the amazing X-Wing miniature game. But their upcoming release really makes my mouth water, a Star Wars skirmish/dungeon crawler called Imperial Assault!

Imperial AssaultIn Imperial Assault one player plays as the highly trained Rebel operatives while the other player controls all of the minions and monsters. The game has two different types of gameplay, the first is the narrative campaign, in which the Rebels have to meet the objectives in order to advance to the next part of the campaign, while the Imperials has to do their best to stop them any way they can. What I find interesting is that the outcome of the scenario and objectives can alter everytime you play and it also affects Imperial Assaultwhich mission you will play next. For example if a Rebel is caught during a mission, you can choose to do a side-mission in order to rescue him. Furthermore, I like the fact of finding items and weapons during a mission and gaining experience in order to upgrade your heroes for missions to come.

The Imperial player looks a bit like the Shadow Council in Super Dungeon Explore, you get resources to spawn new forces on the map every turn. But in addition to simply spawning minions to attack the rebels, you also gain experience and can create nasty surprises for the Rebels behind every door or around any corner.

Imperial Assault cardsThe other game mode is Skirmish. In this game mode both players create a strike team and both draw an objective for their own. Than the battle begins and both players have to finish their objective before the other while delaying his opponent. This looks to me like a really nice and fun way of gaming, since I am convinced that meeting objectives makes for far better games than simply trying to destroy each other.

Imperial Assault miniaturesThe game comes packed with miniatures, more than 50 double-sided terrain tiles!, custom dice and hundreds of cards for equipment, objectives and such.

The miniatures look really good, though I tought they would be pre-painted. I especially like the diversity, there are ofcourse Stromtroopers and Bounty Hunters and such, but there are also big monsters (Nexu) and even an AT-ST walker!

All in all I am very excited and will pick up a copy of my own somewhere next year, that’s for sure! And this game is ongoing since there will be lots of upgrade packs released, all with an extra miniature, cards, objectives and an new mission.

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, what do you think about Imperial Assault? Please let me know in the comments below 😉

Imperial Assault will be released on February 25th 2015

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