Dev blog Decurion #2: Balancing Stats

Today begins the third week of the alpha phase of Decurion and the response has been incredible! A group of playtesters even played 8! games in one weekend 😀

And the rules has been changed and expanded a lot already. There are now terrain rules and several rules and abilities had to be nerved :p

One thing that was constantly changing were the stats of the troops. Decurion only uses three stats, Combat or “C”stat, the stat you have to roll to score a hit. The Defence or “D” stat, the stat you need to roll to cancel a recieved hit. And finally Morale, the stat you roll on for fear or any other morale test.

Auxillia have slightly better stats for Defense and Morale than barbarians, but a scenario usually has more barbarians than Auxilliaries. But in the first week it became evident that as a Auxillia player, you’d rather take archers than standard troops, because the “C” and morale were the same, but only the “D” was worse. So you kept circling your opponent and had to stay out of trouble. To redeem this, I made the stats of Auxilliary Archers a little worse. If it will be enough is up to the playtesters.

In the first version of the rules, the Decurion and Warlord had the same “C” stat as normal troops, but only slightly better “D” and Morale. So people didn’t want to have a Decurion model, since it was not a very interesting choice. So I gave the leaders the best stats possible and played a game myself to try them out… I managed to create powerhouse almost unkillable slaughterers. Oops :p

The now have their stats balanced to a 3 for both “C” and “D” and I think that they are now better than standard troops, but not powerhouses anymore.

Balancing stats is a very important part in creating a game. If you make troops way to powerfull, you will get a steamroller effect agaist one player. Or a table with the same models for both players who do exactly the same and you will have a very static game no-one will enjoy.

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