Dev blog Decurion #3: Last alpha version

Hello all,

Pfew what a couple of busy weeks I had. My wife and I recently bought a home and it needed a lot of work done… But we finally moved in and I now have some spare time to write content and work on Decurion again!

Today the final versions of the Decurion alpha is being send, so if you want to jump in, than so today. All feedback is welcome and there are no stupid suggestions 😉

In this final version I tried to make the Decurion more alluring by giving him Veteran Soldier, which means he can choose a Focus without the negative effects. Making him a true nightmare for the barbarians.

I can honestly say I am axtremely pleased and surprised by the amount of feedback and the positive comments I have recieved since the start of the alpha phase 🙂

After the alpha phase is closed, expect more dev blog entries regarding the further development of Decurion.

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