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My return to Warhammer

I am not a big fan of Warhammer 8th, I tried multiple times to get started again, only to quit after a couple of games. And I do know the reason why. 8th edition, to my mind, is not suitable for heavy competitive play, but more for scenario driven narrative big battles and campaigns. Unfortunately, in my gaming community most players are of the competitive kind and play the game with the best armylists and combinations you can make. But then I thought… I can always play some battles somewhere else.

It was after GW announced the Nagash book for their End Times campaign, that I started to think the way about Warhammer I do now. I always got an positive itch when I looked at Warhammer battles and this was the best excuse to start again.

But I wanted to do something different this time. I like the idea of armies of skeletons stalking the land and have bought every Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings book since 6th edition. With Nagash you can combine both armies and create an Undead Legion! Awesome!

Undead first buysSo I bought some boxes and blisters and started work on assembling it all. But I don’t want to go all GW on this army, so here is a list of all the different companies I bought my first stuff from.

My core troops consists only out of skeletons, I simply don’t like zombies. I bought 2 boxes of Mantic 40 skeleton warriors. They are quite good sculpts with some fun additions like a skull with an axe in the head and a faceless cowl.

The Vampiress from Avatars of War is just a must-buy, though the model has enough face and arm options that I still cannot decide which one I want to use :p

I bought the Night Goblin Necromancer on an undead squig from Titanforge Miniatures, a nice sculpt with a gorgeous base. A real eye catcher in any undead army.

As for my Wraiths I want to collect all sorts of nice models starting with the Undead Tribunal from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures. Three very nice models and a great addition to any collection.

And finally I have some of the new Spirit Hosts from GW and a box of the Vampire Counts cavalry, though I still can’t decide if I want Black Knights or Hexwraiths. Do I want more ghosts or not? Mhhh…

Painting these has been put on hold, since I first want to finish some other projects, like my Super Dungeon Explore and some additions to my Hordes army.

I am curious, what do you think? Is Warhammer 8th good for competitive play or is it better to play more story driven battles/campaigns? Let me know in the comments below 😉

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