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Preview: Growing exitement for Rum&Bones

In the last few months more and more snippets of info has been thrown in the internet about Rum&Bones, a moba inspired pirate themed miniature boardgame. And I am getting more and more excited with every photo and other info. So I want to share my excitement with you.

Miss MagsFirst off are the miniatures and they look really good. The paintjobs on them are superb, but what else could you expect from coolminiornot? :p

I especially like the undead pirates, like the brute named “Little Tom” being controlled by a little skeleton inside his stomach and the evil looking captain Albrecht and swashbuckler The Spectre.

Ghost eye GuntherAnd that brings me to the second bit of info, the roles. All characters have a distinct role in the game, there is a captain, swashbuckler (close combat specialist), gunner (ranged combatant), Brute (I guess someone who can soak up the damage) and quartermasters (I believe them to be supporters/healers).


Little TomAnd finally it has been revealed that you not only have to destroy certain objectives but also have to plundr coins called “pieces of eight” in order to activate your factions unique special abilities.

I really can’t wait for the kickstarter which will be launched in December (presumably) and I will definitely back this project 😀

There will also be a Kraken!


2 thoughts on “Preview: Growing exitement for Rum&Bones

    1. Yes, it will be a boardgame intended for 2-players. Though my guess is that there will be a stretch goal for multiplayer battles (often is with these sort of games). And there will be stretch goals for more teams, so that is also an indication on multiplayer 😉 The question is, who is going to paint what? :p

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