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Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

I am not one to give a lot of attention towards roleplay games. I’ve played and collected enough back in the time (I sound really old right now :p), but simply don’t have the drive to play them anymore. But when a new game is being released suported by such a nice looking set of miniatures and set in one of my favourite fantasy/steampunk worlds, other worlds are Middle-Earth, Azeroth and the Discworld 😉 I just have to blog about it!

Unleashed heroesSo Unleashed is the stand-alone expansion for the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game by Privateer Press set in their Warmachine world of Immoren. But this expansion focusses more on the wilder regions of Immoren and their aggressive inhabitants. You can play as Trollbloods, Gatormen or even savage humans. The starterset has 4 pre-made heroes each with their own special abilities and equipment. Nothing much is known at this point about what they can do, but Longchops (the Gatormen) has a big gun and is probably a Monster Hunter class.

Unleashed miniaturesThe game comes with 14 plastic miniatures, each of the 4 heroes and 10 Farrow (pig-men) and large boar models who are your opponents in this game. The plastic look really good and are also something to expect for Hordes as replacements for the current metal ones. The farrow do look exactly like the current metal ones, but the heroes are good new sculpts matching the current range of Hordes perfectly.

Unleashed boardFurthermore there will be 9 double sided terrein tiles making up the board and cardboard terrain tokens to represent things like tents and bushes, giving this game a more miniature boardgame feel instead of a roleplying game.

I am excited about this, since I do believe that the rules can easily be altered a bit to turn this into an boardgame were you can simply alter the opponents with miniatures from Hordes or other ones you have lying around. Of course I do believe that roleplayers will like this too, because you get a great physical representation about what you are doing.

This game is set to be released in March 2015 and Privateer Press will update on rules and such every friday.

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